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Vettted vs. PeoplePerHour: Why Vettted Has The Edge Over Its Competition

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering how to improve and upscale your business or expand your client base via freelance networking platforms. Marketplaces such as PeoplePerHour and Vettted have a lot in common at first glance, but they have significant differences that set them apart.

In this article, we’ll compare the benefits and features of each platform to help you decide which offers the best solutions, prices, and opportunities.


  1. What is Vettted, and how does it work?
  2. How does PeoplePerHour work?
  3. Hiring A Freelancer: Vettted vs. PeoplePerHour
  4. Finding work as a freelancer: Vettted vs. PeoplePerHour
  5. What are the main differences between Vettted and PeoplePerHour?


What is Vettted and how does it work?

Vettted, as the name suggests, is a network of verified, pre-screened marketing freelancers providing businesses with the tools and services they need to improve and expand. Whether it’s consulting, social media marketing & PR, Vettted’s goal is to connect those in need with the best talent available in the freelance market.

However, it’s not a typical gig marketplace. It’s very centered around digital marketing services rather than catering to a broad spectrum of industries like you’ll find on PeoplePerHour. Vettted has devoted particular attention to the needs of digital marketing freelancers. After all, the team are long-standing freelancers; therefore, they know what freelancers and their clients appreciate the most.

Sellers can post services similarly to PeoplePerHour. Except that each service posted is subject to approval by the Vettted team to ensure the buyer can clearly understand your description and requirements.

Vettted is also keen to help freelancers get more sales through the use of exposure via social media channels. They have implemented the CCGS program designed to give you exposure via Vettted’s social media channels as well as your own. It’s a very personalized service that enhances the community feel of Vettted, which is hard to find on other platforms with many users.


How does PeoplePerHour work?

The company was founded in 2007 and has retained a high number of freelancers. They cater to various industries, such as Writing, Social Media, Web Development, Business Consulting, Marketing & PR, and Design. Whereas Vettted centers around the digital marketing sphere.

PeoplePerHour appears to put the spotlight on the seller’s reputation as a way to help buyers determine who is the best candidate for their projects. Through their CERT algorithm and buyer feedback and ratings, every buyer can gain an insight into how reliable, responsive, and skilled a freelancer is. In addition, you can filter search results to show only highly rated freelancers to narrow your search further.

All freelancers must apply before offering their services, which includes disclosing details about themselves and their skills. Their approval process is more casual than Vettted, which seeks to approve only those with a verifiable track record of delivering high-quality work.

Hiring A Freelancer: Vettted vs. PeoplePerHour 

PeoplePerHour certainly has many more freelancers to choose from than Vettted. However, it can also appear very overcrowded and make it challenging to find the right person for the job. However, they have plenty of features to help you gauge the competency and reliability of every freelancer. For example, you can filter search results based on ratings, CERT score, and response time. Or have a gander through their portfolio and read client reviews.

You have three main options to help you find the right person for your project:

  1. Search freelancer profiles and filter results based on skills, hourly rate, ratings, or CERT level.
  2. Search services on offer and filter results based on pricing, delivery time, and location of the freelancer.
  3. Post a project and allow freelancers to submit proposals.

peopleperhour homepage

With either option, the market does get overcrowded as many freelancers are offering the same services or bidding on the one project. It’s hard for a buyer to read every proposal, and it’s frustrating for those freelancers vying for attention.

Vettted has opted to stay with a more traditional approach giving you two options to find the right person. Either flick through the catalog of freelancers or search by the service required. It may seem simple, but keep in mind that Vettted thoroughly screens freelancers. Therefore, you’re getting the top 5% of talent, so it’s unlikely that you will be left in a lurch, requiring endless revisions, or forced to find another freelancer altogether.

Another feature worth mentioning is Vettted’s consultation call feature. If a seller chooses, they can allow you to schedule a call at a time that suits them. It’s an excellent way to initiate contact with a freelancer, and you don’t have to arrange to call on a different video chat service. PeoplePerHour does have a video chat feature; however, this isn’t instantly available on user profiles as it is on Vettted. Instead, you must contact them directly to arrange a meeting.

consulting call vettted


Finding work as a freelancer: Vettted vs. PeoplePerHour

As a freelancer, if you have a good track record and reputation outside of PeoplePerHour but want to expand your client base, PeoplePerHour has a lot to offer. Many projects are posted daily, and there are plenty of ways to enhance the presentation of your services to gain traction.

Making PeoplePerHour work for you takes time, as gaining reviews and ratings and increasing your CERT score is vital in order to stand out from the rest. However, the community is very crowded, and sometimes relying on reviews and ratings alone can be limiting.

Vettted, on the other hand, has some unique selling points that could save time and effort in finding freelance work. You’ll be competing in a smaller environment as they focus on the digital marketing niche. And as mentioned previously, Vettted also helps freelancers promote themselves through the CCGS program. So, it’s possible to hit the ground running and connect with clients and other freelancers much quicker.


What are the main differences between Vettted and PeoplePerHour?


  1. Fees and commission: Vettted takes 0% off your earnings.

PeoplePerHour deducts 20% off the first 350 (£250/ €600) you earn with a client. Anything between $350 and $7000 (£5,000 / €6000) is subject to a 3.5% charge. And when you reach over $7000 with a client, the charge drops to 3.5%. A further service charge of $1.40 per invoice and projects marked as “featured” will be charged $20.

Vettted has decided to implement a 0% platform fee policy for freelancers. Not only does this take away much of the stress of calculating your earnings, you now feel more satisfied after putting in the hard graft.

Though both platforms place a 10% markup on the buyer. However, in alignment with its goal to be transparent, Vettted has stated it does take a hit to its earnings as 3% goes to its payment processor MangoPay.


  1. PeoplePerHour’s CERT algorithm

A unique selling point for PeoplePerHour is their CERT (Content, Engagement, Repeat, Usage, Trust) algorithm designed to analyze a freelancer’s skill set, response time, number of jobs completed, and ratings. Freelancers are rated from 1 to 4, with 5 being the highest. This allows buyers to discern how experienced and trustworthy a freelance is.

Vettted doesn’t have such a feature but makes up for this by ensuring that every professional is screened before posting services to buyers.

  1. Vettted’s enhanced screening process

Vettted’s screening process aims to minimize the risk to buyers by ensuring that all freelancers are of a professional standard. Therefore, they must demonstrate competence and experience when applying for a professional seller account. This means they must provide evidence of examples of previous work and provide a link to their LinkedIn profile.

A member of the team individually assesses every applicant. Many freelancers apply, and many are rejected, so always fill in as much detail as possible.

  1. Vettted curates each service

PeoplePerHour always reviews and approves each service posted to ensure their guidelines are adhered to. However, the description and presentation of the service are vital to ensure that buyers know what exactly you’re offering and what you require from them. For example, it’s easy to post a service providing the bare minimum description, but this leaves buyers with more questions than answers.

Vettted wants to ensure every service is as detailed as possible to prevent buyers from getting confused. Buyers have to know precisely what they’re getting.

  1. Freedom of interaction 

PeoplePerHour requires all communication to be made through its platform. Therefore, exchanging email addresses, phone numbers, or Skype usernames is against their terms and conditions and can flag your account for inspection.

Despite this, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to request taking business off-platform to avoid both of you paying fees. Unfortunately, this also leads to security issues where buyers may refuse to pay, and PeoplePerHour has no way to help you. However, since Vettted charges 0% on transactions, there’s less need to seek alternative arrangements, and if disputes arise, they are available to offer assistance.

Freelancers on Vettted are free to add links to their social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This is a huge plus, as it helps freelancers and clients build stronger business relationships and learn more about the each other before making commitments. It also opens the door to exploring a wider community of freelancers and clients who have yet to discover Vettted and may benefit from the platform’s talent.

  1. Referral Program

PeoplePerHour offers a 0% commission when you refer clients to the site and work with them. And your client receives £30 credit. It’s undoubtedly a win-win; however, Vettted has gone the extra mile with different rewards and prizes depending on how many sellers you refer. For example, you’ll earn $150 for referring 4 sellers or a Huawei 23.8 Display TV for 20 referrals.

vettted referral program

Final Thoughts

If you’re an established, experienced freelancer with a broad portfolio and seeking new ways to attract clients, is PeoplePerHour a suitable platform for you?

Remember that your reputation has already been built outside of PeoplePerHour, and the moment you sign up, your CERT score sits at 0, with no reviews, sales, or ratings, as if you’re new to the game. It takes some time to get your CERT score up to 4 or 5, which is one of the critical features of PeoplePerHour. Not to mention the fees and commission charged to you and the buyer.

With this in mind, you may find that Vettted makes it easier to expand your potential client base without jumping through hoops to build your reputation again.

As a new freelancer to Vettted, even if you have no reviews or ratings, you have already been through the application process; thus, you’re now a verified professional whom buyers can trust. As for buyers, you can have more confidence and less stress, as you’re more likely to receive the standard of work and service you paid for.

Vettted only seeks the top 5% of talented marketing experts through a strict Vetting process for buyers. Whereas, PeoplePerHour welcomes freelancers from a broader range of industries but doesn’t conduct thorough screening. This means plenty of freelancers are available but time-consuming to find. Knowing that every professional on Vettted has been pre-screened means you have more certainty that they will deliver your work on time and with accuracy.

Peopleperhour vs Vettted Summary


Features PeoplePerHour Vettted
Freelance Screening Yes Yes – enhanced and personally assessed by Vettted.
Types of industries Writing. Social Media. Web Development.
Business Consulting. Marketing & PR. Design.
Digital Marketing & PR
Customer Support and Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Referral Scheme Yes –  0% commission with referred clients. £30 credit to clients. Yes – Tiered system with 8 different rewards and prizes up to $200
Share social media No – all communication is made within the platform. Yes – easier to connect with clients and freelancers.
Jobs/Project Board Yes No
Consultation Calls Yes, limited features. Only by contacting a user first. Yes – schedule calls directly on a user’s profile
CCGS program No Yes –  chance to upscale and promote yourself.


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