High Quality Niche edit backlink through blogger outreach


How it Works

You provide me the anchor text you want me to use for the link, and the URL you want me to link to for the niche edit
I find a relevant article to insert your link into
When the niche edit is live I deliver you the link to the article that the niche edit was done, along with the website stats
Wait and see your keyword rankings go up over the next 2-4 weeks

About the Service

I’ll get you a high quality niche edit backlink on a real blog with good organic traffic that is relevant to your website niche. This will help improve your keyword rankings in Google. You can see some of the rankings improvements I’ve gotten clients in the images I’ve attached. Why choose me for niche edit backlinks? 1) Blogs with real traffic and plenty of referring domains - I will do a niche edit on a blog with at least 500+ organic search traffic per month (sometimes up to around 100,000 visitors per month or more). If Google is trusting these sites to give them lots of organic traffic then you know they are good sites to get links from. Monthly organic traffic data is taken from Ahrefs. The sites will also have lots of referring domains which passes more link juice on to you. 2) Relevant Links that actually move the needle - When doing a niche edit for you I will take my time to find the most relevant article that I can related to your target keyword on a relevant blog. Then I will naturally insert your link in that article. These niche edits are the same ones I use for my personal monthly SEO clients. Ones that will improve your keyword rankings and get you to the 1st page of Google over time. You can see the images attached to this gig that show some of the results I've gotten for my clients. 3) Genuine blogger outreach - I find websites to do niche edits on by doing competitor backlink analysis (searching competitor sites on Ahrefs and analyzing where they have backlinks from) and only message the blogs with good organic search traffic. I manually outreach and negotiate with each blog owner to get you the lowest price I can for niche edits (link insertions). 4) NO spammy sites - I make sure the sites are real blogs that are trying to get more visitors. No link farms or spammy sites made specifically for link building. 5) NO PBNs (private blog networks) - I never will get you links on sites with no traffic or clearly looking like PBNs. 6) NO free to sign up sites - I won’t get you links from sites that anyone can create a profile on and get links for free. Real blogs only. 7) Over 6 years of experience building backlinks - I understand Google’s Penguin algorithm and how algorithmic penalties work in SEO. I’ve seen many sites get algorithm penalties in my days so I know how to avoid them. By working with me you get expert advice on what to do to keep your site safe from link building penalties if you have any questions. That includes not overdoing it with keyword-rich anchor text. It is ONE niche edit link per order, however you can order as many niche edits as you’d like. My prices are sorted by Domain Rating (DR). The higher the DR of the site you want a backlink from, the higher the price (since 95%+ of website owners charge a fee to do a niche edit and know their value). I would be happy to help you decide on a link building strategy for your site. Which would include how many niche edits to build per month, what anchor texts to use for the backlinks, as well as what pages on your site to target. I’ve been building links for clients for over 6 years and actively work with over 15+ personal clients monthly so I know what gets results. I’ve built links for almost all niches, but please note the following: **ENGLISH SITES ONLY** **I CANNOT build links for the following niches:** -Gambbling, Adultt (pornn, etc.), pharmaceutical products (drugs), guns, violent sites However I DO accept links for CBDD and weeed related websites. Check out some of the results I’ve gotten for clients in the images I’ve posted.


  • You will receive the link to the niche edit article for you to keep in your records
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    Liam Rafferty

    Backlinks that help you get 1st page Google rankings | Toronto, CA


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