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You select the most appropriate business categories
You provide me with your Google Business Map, target URL(s), and anchor text
I place the links in highly-relevant content and submit the posts for indexing
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WARNING: YOUR CURRENT LINK BUILDING METHODS ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY You've probably noticed local rank results from traditional link building methods have declined in recent months. The reality is that Google's Natural Language Processor (NLP) algorithm, known as BERT, is becoming incredibly adept at understanding human language. As such, the algorithm quickly devalues backlinks from non-relevant sources. The tried-and-true link sources that have worked for the past few years, like paid guest posts or link insertions (niche edits), are becoming more expensive while producing less effect. This produces lower profit margins for agency owners and the need to charge higher retainer fees, resulting in frustrated local SEO clients. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Because in the age of the Semantic Web, TOPICAL RELEVANCE IS KING! Most link building services sell over-priced links on unrelated source domains that often cost hundreds of dollars based on useless 3rd party metrics like PA/DA or UR/DR. Do you really think Google gives a damn about Moz or Ahrefs link metrics when deciding which sites to rank in local search? What matters to big G most as it continues to get better at understanding topics and entities are links from relevant sources related to the same topic as their intended target. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? Semantic Links! Our backlinks are sourced from highly-relevant "keyword clustered" sites built entirely for specific industry/business categories. Some of our sites have real organic search traffic, thus making these links even more effective. I’ve developed and perfected a link building method specifically for local businesses in the age of the semantic web with topically relevant source domains used exclusively for local SEO and Google Business (Maps) ranking. All of our link sources have been analyzed with Majestic and have Trust Flow (TF) 10 or greater, and Topical Trust Flow (TTF) is always in the most appropriate category ONLY. Our Local Link Building service provides up to three links within each post: 1. Money Site URL (anchor text link) 2. Google Sites or ID Page (anchor text link) 3. Google Business Map (embed) Each post counts as only one link! Meaning you get up to 3 links/embeds per post for each link purchased. All Link Sources Have: TRUST FLOW 10+ TOPICAL TRUST FLOW (in the most appropriate category) CLEAN LINK PROFILE RELEVANT HISTORY See all of the available blogs sorted by Topic here:


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Bradley Benner

Semantic Links | Culpeper, US


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