Workana: how to be approved as a freelancer

If you’re an online freelancer, you might have heard about some freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork or, even, PeoplePerHour

But what about Workana?

Contrary to what happens with Fiverr, where all users are immediately approved as sellers, in Workana, this doesn’t happen so quickly.

Workana is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces in the world.

Founded in 2012, it has made a name of its own, especially in Latin America.

Workana ranks both buyers and sellers on its platform.

By doing this, this online freelancing marketplace aims to create an environment that secures the best possible online experience for everyone involved:

  • when ranking freelancers, Workana tries to ensure high-quality services
  • and when ranking buyers, ensure the suitability of safe projects

Basically, a meeting point for the best minds.

But how do you become a vetted freelancer on Workana?

How do you stand out as a professional, since day one?

That’s what we’re going to find out.

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How to become a freelancer in Workana?

Logically, first, you have to sign up to Workana.

Then, you have to select your role.

You can choose to sign up as a client or, aptly named, as a talent.

You can create a new user account by filling in your data or connecting with your Facebook, Apple, or Google account.

After this, it’s just a matter of setting up your profile.

How to stand out in Workana since day one

As a new professional in Workana, you have to present yourself.

The “About Me” section is one of the first things that your buyer will want to know.

But, beware: keep it clear and simple.

Don’t oversimplify your presentation.

Show your buyer what you can do and how you can be useful for a possible project.

Although it’s called “About Me” it presents you from your buyer’s perspective and what he can gain from you

Next, show your work.

Display examples of some past works, so that buyers know what to expect from you, as an online freelancer.

Workana allows you to present your portfolio, in 2 ways:

  • either a new portfolio, created from scratch, within Workana
  • or connecting to your Behance profile.

You will be able to set it up under the option “Portfolio”, in the “About Me” section on your Workana profile.

Another way to grab the attention of a buyer is by showing evidence of your skills..

Workana has a skill test feature that allows professionals to be evaluated.

Each professional can take a test to prove their skills and thus rank better within the platform.

Although Workana claims that it is not a certification, per se, the seals of competence help to create greater visibility for the professional and establish trust with potential buyers.

If you’re using Workana’s free plan, you can only take one test.

If you use one of the paid plans, you will be able to do a test anytime you want to.

Last, but not the least, is your “About Me” section

What not to do in Workana

Workana aims to become the go-to place, where professionals find their work freedom.

More than stimulating the gig economy, Workana offers a wide range of projects on an hourly or contract basis.

So, one of Workana’s biggest no-no’s is the use of external links.

This is an ecosystem where buyers and sellers can find the answer to all of their projects’ needs.

Why is there an approval process in Workana?

Not all professionals can be on Workana.

Nowadays, it is increasingly easy to make money online with few or no skills. But that’s not the focus of this online freelance market.

By positioning itself as an entire work ecosystem, Workana creates all the features so that professionals can win without needing any external support or app.

Before you can introduce yourself as a freelancer, Workana has a process to assess your professional profile.

A team of curators will assess whether your professional experience meets the platform’s requirements before you can apply for published projects.

There is no limit on vacancies for good professionals.

What there is a level of excellence and quality that the platform wants to guarantee to the buyer.

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Should I subscribe to any of Workanas paid plan?

You must think very carefully about the answer to this question.

The idea of ​​working online assumes that you are doing something to ensure that you are rewarded for the services you provide.

But, in this case, you are faced with a proposal that places the need to pay in order to receive your due reward.

Workana’s subscription plans allow you to access a whole set of features, such as unlimited competence seals, but also a whole set of intelligence that enhances your freelancing game, namely:

  • See professionals who bidded on a project                          
  • See the freelancer who was chosen for the projects you bidded on                        
  • Status of proposals in your field (Suggested, Interviewing, Favorites, Invitations, or Eliminated)                          
  • Average bid amount for proposals in your field                                

Some of this information is crucial to optimize the offer of your services and to be able to adjust your price to the project.

Workana’s own price structure is set up so that you can increase your monthly subscription price.

For example, in the most essential plans you have a limit of 5 contacts per week, 1 single skill test per month and you can only receive video calls (this on a platform where you cannot use external links or exchange contacts from outside of the marketplace).

Workana or Vettted?

In addition to an online freelancer marketplace, Workana works as an entire project ecosystem.

However, Workana is always in a win-win position.

In order to take advantage of all the features of Workana, you must subscribe to one of its monthly plans.

And on top of that, a fee is charged to the buyer per project placed on the platform.

Of course, the Workana operation must be financially viable.

After all, filtering what matters and what doesn’t, delivering the best work projects to the best talent, requires a whole curation effort that must be rewarded.

But should this reward be based on your effort as an online freelancer?

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