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Wanting a real backlink that will move you up in search engines? Buy a Wikipedia Backlink Wikipedia is one of the largest and most authoritative websites online: Qualities Of My Wikipedia Service : High Quality Wikipedia backlinks. -100% niche relevant. -You can provide us a desired keyword. ( 1 URL / 1 keyword) However approval with Wikipedia is very strict, we may have to change your keyword to something more natural. (99% chance we will have to alter for approval) -All Wikipedia links are no follow so don't expect any dofollow links from Wikipedia. Yet, it has an enormous impact on SEO rankings. ( see video case study) -Orders will start ASAP with Best Customer Support. Best Qualities of our service: The way we get approval and index the links is part of the equation of how effective this is. 100% Wikipedia Domain Authority 100% Wikipedia's Trust Flow Authority - Over 2 BILLION backlinks Domain Authority: 100+ Page Authority : 95+ Trust Flow : 89+ CITATION FLOW : 79+ Please Note: that you can not choose a Wikipedia page to place a link on because it is Wikipedia who gives final approval of a page and link. Websites that are currently NOT accepted by Wikipedia: gamb.ling, zodiac, adul.t, music, CB.D & LOAN-related websites. Please watch the case study: https://youtu.be/y6Nxo2Rr1bA No Refunds once work is completed. We do not own Wikipedia.

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