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We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround times so we're unable to provide you the domains for pre-approval. Letting you pick and choose domains will not only put our clients in danger of a penalty, but also our publishers as well. There's an FAQ section, if your questions are found there, we will simply direct you there in direct messages. You know what they say, the best place to find an SEO company is in the top 5 results of Google. Guess what? You'll find us (Indexsy) in the top 3 results for "niche edits", "blogger outreach services", "buy backlinks", and many more. You may have seen us on several top marketplaces (we're a top rated seller with over 5k+ completed orders and 500+ 5 star reviews), and Google (you can find us by searching "buy backlinks online", "niche edits", and "blogger outreach services"). We're finally on Vettted! Niche edits are our bread and butter. We help you secure the links that you deserve within existing content. The content already exists, and usually has done for many months, or even years, which ensures you get a link from a post or page that has aged well and has become authoritative in its own right. Niche edits are the foundation of our 50 site portfolio, and we practice what we preach. Here's our two-step process for success: We identify a relevant post for you, based on the metrics you have ordered. We then reach out and try to secure a link placement within the post. These links are considered the holy grail of all links - since they exist on pages that have already garnered authority within Google's index. Give us a try, we're confident we'll be part of your SEO strategy moving forward. FAQ: - May I see your sites before you build them? Sorry, due to the sheer amount of orders we get, we cannot let you pre-approve sites. This also protects the privacy of our clients. - Will these links help me? If you need to ask this question, you'll need to educate yourself on SEO first. Moz has a great guide on this: - Are there bulk discounts available? Sorry, there's no bulk discounts available on Vettted. - What does RD mean? Referring domains via Ahrefs. Total number of domains pointed at the domain that we secure your link in. - Do you work with DA? At Indexsy we are strongly against using Moz's metrics as they're quite terrible.
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We identify a relevant post for you, based on the metrics you have ordered.
We then reach out and try to secure a link placement within the post.

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Jacky Chou

Founder of Indexsy 🇨🇦 | Vancouver, CA


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