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For any local business, Google my Business listings are a fantastic way to capture leads. That said, a listing that's not ranked in the top 3, won't get you any leads ❌ Knowing HOW to optimise your GMB listing will give you all you need to get it to rank in the top 3 βœ… In this service, I'll personally record a video audit going over your GMB listing, and give you tailored suggestions on how to rank it higher! πŸ‘‰ Your GMB Listing Audit includes - 20min tailored video audit - Main takeaways (written tailored report) - GMB Audit checklist (excel sheet with actionable steps you can take to improve) - Keyword analysis (search volume, URLs, rankings, traffic, competition, etc..) - Organic traffic report - Competitor analysis (best replicable backlinks, keyword rankings, and traffic) Here's part of the step-by-step list I followπŸ‘‡ πŸ“ Get a quick feel of how your listing is doing first I'll use a browser plugin for a first broad analysis and then give you my expert opinion of what can/needs to be done. πŸ“ Business category/sub-categories & competition analysis Analysis of your and your competitor's main/sub business categories How you can take advantage of these ... πŸ“ Reviews optimisation - Are clients using photos on the reviews? - How to get more reviews - Review syndication - Do they have local guide reviews? And how to get them - How to write reviews (w/ kw and location) - How they're replying to reviews (ideally kw and location included) - Are reviews displayed on their website as well? ... πŸ“ GMB Essentials - Business description (are they using all the 750 words? Is it keyword optimised?) - Booking link/contact page - Website link - Business hours - Payment methods - NAP (must be consistent across the internet, i.e. website footer, website contacts page, citations etc...) ... πŸ“ GMB Posting - GMB posts optimisation (link to your site, citations, interlink the posts, have your kWs in the description, have your biz name in the post photo...) - Posting frequency - COVID19 post (do they have any restrictions on their business?) ... πŸ“ Leveraging photos and videos - Posting frequency and amount - Stock photos - 360ΒΊ, inside photos, videos, sections ... πŸ“ Business name - Keyword stuffing in the business title? - Is your business name SEO optimised? - Taking advantage of "exact match" business names - Are you leveraging your business name? ... πŸ“ Business Q&A - Optimised Q&A section (are they fully optimised for keywords and location? how many are they posting a week? are they syndicating these to their website?) - Is there a Q&A section on their website as well ... And that's just part of it. The audits are usually 20 to 30 minutes long and packed with value! ⏱ In a nutshell: βœ… 20-30min value-packed video audit βœ… White label (i.e you can send the video to your clients) βœ… Video Audit + tips and actionable steps to improve your SEO βœ… Written Audit + tips and actionable steps to improve your SEO βœ… Competitor analysis (i.e. you'll be able to replicate their best links + improve your listing by tackling their weak spots) βž–βž–βž–βž–βž– I'd love to take a look at your GMB and help you rank it. I'll go over the shoulder through a step-by-step checklist that you can follow. You can keep the video forever if you want to check it later on. Looking forward to working with you. Best, Vasco
How it Works
You send me your Google My Business listing
I'll make a full in-depth analysis on what needs to be done
I'll record a 20-30min video audit going over your listing, giving you tailored suggestions on how to rank it higher
  • A full in-depth 20-30min video audit recorded with Loom. Includes a review of your GMB listing, tips on how to improve it, and tailored suggestions to rank it higher.
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