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How it Works

You send me your URL(s) and anchor(s)
I'll spin niche relevant articles
I'll include links back to your site on those articles
I'll place the posts on my tier 2 sites' network
The link juice will start to flow from tier 2 -> tier 1 -> money site

About the Service

Tiered link building is a very powerful backlinking strategy in SEO. If you want to power up your existing links, you need to get your hands on these posts. These Tier 2 links will boost the link power from your more white hat and higher quality links (i.e. tier 1 links). 🚀 Tier 2 links will make tier 1's even more powerful and in turn power up your money site, thus making it rank higher! But that's not all...you can use tier 2 links for the following: ✅ Boost tier 1 links ✅ Increase domain metrics values (i.e. UR, DR, DA, PA, TF, and CF) ✅ Force indexing backlinks ✅ Quick spikes in rankings for parasite sites ✅ Rank YouTube videos 🟣 But What Exactly Will You Get? Well specifically, you'll be able to grab yourself a bunch of permanent Tier 2 PBN links that will be placed on high metrics sites along with completely spun content that is relevant to your niche. Your links will also be on the homepage for a while helping you to gain maximum exposure. These are permanent do-follow links on high-quality blog posts with niche-specific content and relevant images! 🟣 How Can This Benefit You? By investing in these links, not only are you investing in your business, but you're also getting your hands on some great quality links that'll improve your Google rankings and get you closer to that #1 position. These links are meant only for Tier 2 link building, and they work like a charm! I make sure to only include one link per post so the link juice is as powerful as possible. 🤓 Stats for Nerds: - Domain Authority (DA)15+ - Referring domains (RD) 50+ - Do-follow & permanent links - Unique IPs - All the domains are indexed in Google - OBL limited to 20 - Clean network of sites - Multiple domain extensions (i.e. .com, .net, .org, .io) But you might ask... If the metrics are so good, why wouldn't you just send these links to your money site? ...because even though these links have fantastic metrics, the sites don't look that real. If you want quality links, it's not JUST about the metrics, you also have to make sure the sites look REAL. But for tier 2 links, this service is just perfect! 👉 What I need to get started ∙ URL(s) and anchor text(s) ∙ Your niche ∙ Topic/keyword for your article with link (some ideas would help) ∙ Video/map embed code (optional) 👉 FAQ ∙ Do you provide reports? You will get a screenshot showing the links. We cannot reveal the URLs where your articles are posted because it can jeopardize our network. Once your Tier 2s are indexed, they will show in third-party tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush. ∙ Is this a one-time fee? Yes, this is a one-time fee service and all the links are permanent & do-follow. ∙ Do you accept foreign language keywords/websites? Yes, but your content will be written in English. ∙ How many URLs and keywords are allowed? Everyone has their SEO plan. So you should know the ratio of keywords for better results. That said, I recommend you use longtail keywords for long-term results. I can accept unlimited keywords and URLs though. ∙ What are your refund policy and guarantees? I wanted to make this section extremely clear. I'm selling tier 2 links. I'm not selling guarantees here. You have to make a good link building plan with our quality links as well as a great on-page SEO strategy. I'll deliver what I described. There are no refund once I start placing links. ∙ Do I have to provide my own articles? No. If you don't provide me with your own articles, I'll use my own AI content generator to make sure you get the best human readable articles! So you don't have to send me articles If you don't want to. If you're ready to power up your tier 1 links with some powerful tier 2 Links, then click the 🟣 PURPLE 🟣 order button and let's get started ranking your site #1 on Google!


  • Screenshot showing your links are live. We do not share the tier 2 URLs to keep the network safe.
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