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How it Works

You send me your URLs and Keywords
I'll write 5 to 16 unique articles (niche specific)
I'll post the articles with a link back to your site on TF50+ sites

About the Service

"From Position 4/8 to 1/2 in a Couple of Days!" How a client of mine purchased these exact same links and got his website ranked in a couple of days, for a keyword with 18,000+ monthly searches. (you can see his testimonial in the sample section below) That's the power of these links. With SEO it's not just about links, but they are a big part of any search engine marketing strategy. ----- This is a link-building service. And yes, these are TF50+ Links (TF = Trust Flow according to Majestic.com) If you're stuck on page 2 or struggling to reach #1, these are the links you need. 👨‍🏫 You probably know all about PBN links...but in case you don't here's what they're all about: PBN stands for Private Blog Network. A PBN is a network of very powerful & privately owned sites, where people like me, post articles related to your topic, with a link back to your site. These PBN links are so powerful, that you'll start to see your website moving up the Google rankings. Simple, right? Now that I've covered what PBN links are, why should you buy these ones in specific? One simple reason: You need powerful links to rank in Google, and these PBN links are the most powerful links you'll find, I can guarantee that. 🤓 Metrics for nerds 1) Multiple TLD extensions for network diversity 2) Each domain has around 1000 Referring Domains 3) Different Hosts Used With different IP addresses 4) And the metrics are absolutely through the roof (see samples below) 🟣 The 3 Step Process 1) You send me your info (URLs and Keywords) 2) I'll write Unique SEO Optimized Articles (NOT Spun) niche-related articles* 3) You check your links using Google search console. *Spun content is not ideal, that's why all the links created include original non-spun content. If you're getting quality links, you might as well have quality content. 🟣 Are the Referring Domains Good? You already know that the number of RD is good, but what about the quality?! Some of the referring domains for these links include: - Wikipedia - The Wall Street Journal - Reddit - Buzzfeed - Niche, and many others My network has domains from the most prestigious and powerful websites in the world. This is what makes these domains so powerful. This power is then passed to your website. 🟣 But do the links work? Take a look at some of the recent ranking improvements as well as a couple of reviews in the samples section below. It does work, however, I recommend you work on your on-page SEO. 🟣 What's Holding you Back? I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If at any time you're not happy, I'll fully refund you your money, no questions asked. 🟣 What Should You Do Now? If you want to get your site ranked and take your business to the next level, you need use a proven strategy that actually works. If you're ready to rank, click the PURPLE order button and let me help you reach that #1 position! Thank you for reading through, Vasco PS.: If you're stuck on page 2, just use a couple of these links and your site will be pushed to page numero uno in a couple days. PPS.: It takes 3 clicks to order, let me help you rank your site.


  • Excel file with all the live links and their metrics (domains hidden for safety purposes)
  • Samples

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    Vasco & Mushfiq from Vettted

    Off-Page SEO by Mushfiq Sarker, Vasco Monteiro 📈 | Lisbon, PT


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