Social SEO Campaign

How it Works

I'll take your site URL
Create a post on various social media outlets
I'll post it, makeing sure it's niche specific and include a link to your site
I'll run an engagement campaign to the posts (i.e. likes, shares, pins, etc..)

About the Service

Social SEO isn't anything new. It's been around for years and it's key in ranking a site. 🤓 What's Social SEO? Social SEO is the organic process of shouting out a business/individual on real social media platforms. These shoutouts and engagements are done with the goal of building social relevancy to your SEO campaign. Your website will be shouted out on different social media properties, with a small description of the business/site. So, where will we shout out your business at? - Facebook: #1 Biggest Social Media Platform in the world. - Twitter: #1 Microblogging Platfrom in the world. - Reddit: The front page of the internet. - Pinterest: The biggest platform to discover DIY projects & more. - Tumblr: One of the biggest blogging platforms in the world. - Xing: Career oriented social networking site similar to Linkedin. - VK: online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. (Wikipedia oriented social networking site, similar to Linkedin) All this and more... - Secret Sauce For that extra ranking boost - Complete and Detailed Before & After Report on Delivery - 24h/7day week support 🤔 How can Social SEO Help You? Social SEO (a.k.a social media shoutouts, or social signals) tells search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) that your website is socially relevant. We live in a social world, where people share, like, tweet, retweet, and pin stuff all the time. So, in times like these, Google associates a quality website with quality content, with a website that's shared and engaged all around social media. If Google thinks your website has relevant information and is popular on social media, it'll rank you higher. Of course, shoutouts on social media alone will NOT rank you #1. Google takes into account multiple factors when ranking a website, social relevancy is just one of many. However, if you want to rank higher on Google, shoutouts on social media are a must. 📄 What Does Your Report Include? Your delivery will include a detailed before and after report and the actual links for some platforms! + Some exclusive bonuses..! Thank you for reading through, Vasco PS.: This is the exact same social SEO shoutout I use to rank both my personal sites, as well as my client sites. This is a quality service and I don't sell what I haven't tried and tested before. PPS.: It takes less than 30 seconds to order, just click the purple order button, submit your requirements and leave the rest with me.


  • White label pdf report of the campaign ran
  • Before and after screenshots
  • Samples

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    Vasco & Mushfiq from Vettted

    Off-Page SEO by Mushfiq Sarker, Vasco Monteiro 📈 | Lisbon, PT


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