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Quora is a great platform to drive organic targeted traffic to your site. 🔴 Helping People Is The #1 Way To Get Real Targeted Traffic To Your Site 🤔 Why? If you help people and provide them with actual valuable answers to their questions, they will thank you and trust what you're saying. 🤔 How does this work? People post questions on Quora, I answer them with my aged optimized accounts while providing them with real valuable and researched answers to their questions. I'll also conveniently leave a link to your website where they can learn more about the subject. Using 200+ unique accounts with real traffic & engagement, such as: (see samples below) 🤔 But Why Quora? Quora is one of the most popular question-and-answer platforms in the world. Quora's stats: · 600M+ visits per month · 40% US traffic,15% Indian, 7% UK, 5% Canada, 4% Australia ❌ These Are NOT Just Links, This Is Targeted Traffic. How Can You Benefit From This: ✅ You're getting a minimum of 20 links from Quora ✅ The questions will be all unique ✅ Your website will be placed in a nice / sub-community where people are interested in what you have to say ✅ It's highly likely that you'll get some traffic. Not just any traffic, actual targeted traffic ✅ Google loves Quora, Quora links often rank for high competitive keywords! ✅ All the links/answers are permanent ✅ All the profiles are aged, authoritative, and optimised 👨‍🔬 The Process: It's simple and straightforward. First I'll go through your website to understand the niche, then I'll search for relevant questions i can answer while adding proper value and leaving a link back to your website. NOTE: If your niche Is "baby blue cars with wings" It's very likely that there aren't questions I can answer with that theme, so I'll have to choose something similar. Please keep this In mind before ordering. Thank you for reading through, Vasco A. Monteiro PS.: You're not just getting a link from Quora, you're getting traffic, and traffic gets websites ranked. PPS.: This is the best way to get real targeted traffic to your site, no need to think twice.
How it Works
I'll go through your website to understand the niche
I'll search for relevant questions I can answer
I'll write unique questions and leave a link on the reply
  • Google sheets list of all the Quora answers
  • Samples

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    Off-Page SEO Expert & Consultant 📈 | Lisbon, PT


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