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About the Service
👨‍💻 ‍Do you want to get a permanent Google Knowledge Panel or Google Knowledge Graph? 🔍 What is Google Knowledge Panel or Google Knowledge Graph? 📈 Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities (people, places, organizations, things) in the Knowledge Graph. ✨ It's so interesting when a person finds them on Google Search Result Page. For example, if you search my name "Roki Roy" on Google, you will see a Google Knowledge Panel or Google Knowledge Graph that shows all of my information in the right side information box. 💡 SOME FEATURES OF THIS SERVICE: ✔️ Permanent Google Knowledge Panel; ✔️ Online Presence Growth; ✔️ Lifetime Guaranteed; ✔️ Lifetime Support; 📝 TO GET STARTED, YOU NEED TO PROVIDE: ✔️ Name of Knowledge Panel; ✔️ Biography (Short Bio, Early Life & Career); ✔️ Some Pictures of the entity; ✔️ Category; ✔️ Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY); ✔️ Place of Birth; ✔️ Nationality; ✔️ Occupation; ✔️ Education; ✔️ Website (If have); ✔️ Social Profiles URLs (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube); 📌 NOTE: There are some services about Google Knowledge Panel you can get at cheap rates, but actually, the GKP can be removed anytime by an algorithm. If you try any of the packages I can guarantee you, the GKP can’t be removed anymore. Also keep in mind that, it takes a longer time to make a stable GKP, we take at least 30 days for Musician GKP and 75-90 days for any other categories. To see my Google Knowledge Panel or Graph, search "Roki Roy" on Google. 💻 If you want to see a massive change in Google Search Result Page (SERP), place an order here. Thanks Regards, Roki Roy
How it Works
You need to fill-up requirements first
I will start the project as soon as possible
You will get a Google Knowledge Panel (Author Category) within some few days
You have to claim the Google Knowledge Panel from your side (If you fail to do that, I will guide you)
After you claim it, you can make me manager of your claimed Google Knowledge Panel
I will suggest edits from my side
After then you will get the delivery
  • Google Knowledge Panel (Any Individual Category/Company)
  • Free Biography Articles (Person or Company) on High Domain Authority Biography Websites
  • Samples

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    Roki Roy

    Google Knowledge Panel Expert | Sylhet, BD


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