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Introducing Mojo Niche Edits - A premium SEO niche edit service. Since 2019, we have been helping our clients to get high-quality niche edits on websites with REAL traffic. All this in lightning-fast delivery time. We cover our footprints well. That is why our portfolio of websites is hidden behind closed doors. The reasons for this are simple: - avoid Google algorithm penalties. - jeopardize our publishers We build lasting relationships with publishers, agencies, solopreneurs, SEOs, celebrities, and business website owners. This results in our dedication to providing highly relevant niche edits and link insertions where they truly belong. Our extensive knowledge allows us to pick the absolute best niche edits possible. Here's how our three-step process works: 1. You provide your requirements - metrics, topics, etc., 2. We choose the target post based on your requirements 3. We acquire a link from the niche edit These links are the crème de la crème of all links. Since they exist on pages that have already gained authority within Google's index, you can expect your website to get a significant boost in rankings. At Mojo Links, we don't just sell link-building services; we're invested in your success. We are truly passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve their goals. Ready to give Mojo Links a try? We're confident that you will enjoy the sweet link juice from Mojo Links. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Can I see your portfolio of websites? The nature of this service doesn’t allow us to do that. We cover our tracks for maximum security. 2. Is this strategy effective? Absolutely! 3. Are there bulk discounts available? Currently, there are no bulk discounts on Vettted. 4. What does DR mean? DR means “Domain Rating” and is a metric based on the backlink profile. 5. Is this real outreach? Yes. We have a strong relationship with publishers who have been our partners and friends for many years. 6. Are they niche-relevant? There is no other way! We manually find blog posts that are topically relevant to your topic. 7. What is the delivery time? In many cases, the delivery time can be under 24 hours! Some news sites, press releases, and exotic websites may take up to two weeks. Don't wait any longer to take your website to the next level. Choose Mojo Links today, and let us help you reach your audience far and wide.


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Bart Magera

Founder of Mojo Links 🔗 | Phuket, TH


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