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✅ ELITE - seen as having the greatest power and influence within a society resulting in Authority. 👉 Are those the type of backlinks you want? 👉 Is your website feeling stuck or stagnate & need something to shake it up the rankings? 👉 Are you just launching a new website? Often times an authoritative (PR)Press Release is what you want and need. Many marketers & business owners forget about press releases, they think of it as an old strategy so they neglect it or have not done a serious PR in a long time. Press Releases pave the way for new websites before creating PBNs. Because of those reasons is exactly why you should invest in one. Also, for the simple fact; That they are still powerful. It's your responsibility to outperform and overcome your competition by gaining influential backlinks from High Authority Media Outlets. Gaining those types of backlinks is what builds Trust & Authority in your website which causes your website to move! ✅ Standard Elite - 1: - Yahoo. Bing & Google Inclusion, Digital Journal, Market Watch, Fox Media Outlets and 450 Guaranteed Placements ✅ Advanced Elite - 2: - Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Money, Yahoo Lifestyle, Benzinga, Digital Journal, Market Watch, Fox Media Outlets 400 Gauranteed Placements ✅ Premium Elite - 3: - Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Money, Yahoo Lifestyle, Benzinga, Digital Journal, Market Watch, Fox Media Outlets, Bloomberg, AP News (Associated Press), Street Insider, Canadian insider and 400 Gauranteed Placements (Potential Audience Reach 6 Billion) - Yes, we will write a PR for you. Unless you have one already that you want to use. - Please choose accordingly & correctly when ordering. Here are some examples: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/billance-ranked-53rd-top-cryptocurrency-141500572.html https://news.yahoo.com/news/billance-ranked-53rd-top-cryptocurrency-141500572.html https://money.yahoo.com/news/billance-ranked-53rd-top-cryptocurrency-141500572.htmlp-cryptocurrency-141500572.html

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