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Struggling to get the links you built indexed? This Vettted Essentials service will help you index even those harder links. -------- Consider your website's links and URLs useless if a search engine like Google hasn't indexed them. Simply submitting articles or creating links to them won't enhance your rankings. You need to make sure they are indexed. Nowadays getting links indexed takes several weeks, therefore in order to speed up the process, Vettted has created an Essential service to help you out. Here's what you get: - 100% Google crawling for each and every one of your links - 80% indexation rate of your links in Google - A thorough report detailing the number of your links that have been indexed thus far - All following Google's latest Terms and Conditions
How it Works
You send us a list of links
We will do our magic and index ~80% of them
You can give us access to your GSC for a better indexation rate
We will send you a detailed report with the indexing status of your links
  • Thorough report detailing the number of your links that have been indexed thus far (see samples section below for a sample report)
  • Samples

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