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What comes to mind first when you hear “link building"? Guest posting or broken link building, maybe? By employing these techniques, you can expect to enhance your website’s online presence. But, let’s be honest. Link building is an ongoing process, and, at times, it might become troublesome and exhausting for you. What if we told you there’s an easier way? This is the so-called niche edit, a.k.a. link insertion. And there’s even better news—you can outsource it to us. What you’ll get with our niche editing service: - Thorough research into your niche. - Careful selection of partners with a solid link profile. - Customized outreach strategies. - Strategic link placement in relevant articles. - Long-term relationships with reputable websites. - Detailed and transparent reports. - More free time for you. Link insertions, or niche edits, are gained when you slip your website link into an existing article on another site that's related to your niche. This translates into a valuable natural backlink to your website. The more of those you have, the better for your website’s online image. Google will love it and start ranking your content at a higher position on search engine results pages (SERPs). Naturally, the flow of people and customers will increase. We’ve established ties with experts across a variety of fields, including web hosting, SaaS, high-tech, and more. Our link building experts at InBound Blogging know every nook and cranny of niche edits. They carefully curate hundreds of websites with different domain ratings (DRs) to find the best one for collaboration. Then, their keen eye makes it easy to instantly recognize the right place for your link. Leave the tough job to us and witness your website climb up the tiers on Google and other search engines!


  • Link insertion on a website with a DR of 20–34
  • Link insertion on a website with a DR of 35–44
  • Link insertion on a website with a DR of 45–70
  • Link insertion on a website with a DR of 70+
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