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So you optimised your landing page, huh? Maybe you used Surfer SEO or some other tool, or a contractor did it for you, and you are confident that there is not much more you can do with your content, images, title tag, H1, H2 tags, etc... in order to rank higher. What's next? Well duh! Of course "what's next" is that you need to build links so that your webpage makes it to the top of page 1. But here is the problem... If you have a budget of a couple thousands dollars a month you could run a skyscraper link building campaign. They are very powerful and get you some of those links that your competitors get jealous about... and wonder how on earth you managed to get them... But most agency owners doing SEO for clients, or affiliate marketers who want to rank their own websites need to work with lower budgets. A typical SEO agency owner charges $1,500 a month to their clients, and the link building budget is included in this amount. So you need a way to get results without spending thousands of dollars in link building. And if you are promoting your own affiliate website... well you are usually on a shoestring budget. The solution is to run Feeder links. Feeder links are affordable and yet very powerful. During the last 12 months we ran dozens of link building campaigns and we got great results on every single campaign. But let's acknowledge the elephant in the room. Actually, there are 3 elephants in the room!!! Let's break it down. One elephant at a time. Elephant in the room Number 1: Are Feeder links safe??? Let's get this out of the way. Most Feeder links are not safe, and also most Feeder links are not effective... which is the worst combination of all. If you go to a low quality marketplace and you order a cheap Feeder links package from an unknown vendor.... well good luck, you are putting your website in a vulnerable position because you know nothing about the quality of the Feeder links, and whether they are high quality or not. Lucky for you, you are in a safe place. Vettted is not your average marketplace, and there is a strict vetting process to approve vendors. Which means you get the benefit of buying from trusted, high quality vendors (such as myself...if I may be so bold to claim ;) ) But let's break it down. What makes a safe Feeder link? Well, in three words: lack of footprints. Running a Feeder network involves owning and managing multiple websites. There are many aspects you need to take into account in order to avoid shared footprints between those websites. Below I will share with you some (not all) of the footprints that you need to avoid when running a high quality (and more importantly SAFE) Feeder network. #each website needs to be hosted on a different IP #domains needs to have whois privacy protection and better yet, even with whois privacy use a diversity of contact information #if you are using diverse contact information, you need to be able to verify ownership or you risk losing the domain... so you can't use fake profiles either #you need nameservers, CNAME and A Records diversity #you need to block SEO tools crawlers to avoid competitors finding your network (and potentially reporting to Google or copying your ranking strategy) #you need unique content in all your websites #you need to keep track of the campaigns you are running to avoid creating footprints by over promoting a particular domain I could keep going forever.... but you get the idea. My point is... it's hard to do it right. But if you do, you have a powerful ranking engine in your hands that not only is safe, but also will get your website to the top of google for your target phrases. For example, In August 2021 I started building an affiliate website from zero, and in April and May the average (passive) revenue of this website was $2,500 per month. I will keep this website for a while and then I am planning to sell it for a hefty profit. I created this asset with a solid Keyword and Content Strategy, Internal Linking, and Feeder links. How do I know it's safe? Well, the website always had an upward trend and went through 2 Google updates without being affected. Elephant in the room Number 2: Can I run Feeder links to clients' websites? What type of reports can I produce? First I'll make something very clear: when the order is completed I will deliver partial reports. What does this mean? I will send you screenshots of your published links. If you've been in SEO for a while, you know how you can use this to find the actual live links (message me about this if you want to know how to do this.) You can also see the incoming links from your Google Search Console. Why do I only provide partial reports? Well, besides the fact that it is a common practice in the industry, it is mostly to protect the network's integrity. If I was to deliver the actual URLs of the published blog posts with your links, I would be risking the integrity of the network. This wouldn't be good for you or for me. With that out of the way: can you use Feeder links for clients? Short answer is "yes you can". I am not going to tell you how to manage the relationship with your client, and whether you should show them your links or not. But I will tell you what I personally do, and works very well. When I run projects for clients, I purchase between 3 and 5 niche edit links. These are links that I can happily show to my clients, and I can explain to them that I created them using white hat outreach tactics, which is not untrue. I could easily ONLY do that, and the client wouldn't know any better and believe that I did a good job. But what would be the problem with that? After a few months their rankings would not move much, and I wouldn't be able to show significant results. So AS WELL as niche edits, I also get a bunch of Feeder links, which I don't necessarily show to them. The end result? Happy client, great results, renewed ongoing contracts. Elephant in the room Number 3: Indexation started being a problem in 2023... will the new posts with my links get indexed? Well... huh... firstly let me agree that indexation IS a problem. We are in January 2024 now and no one really knows why this is happening and how long it will be like this. But I have 2 good news to share with you: #1: This network has pretty awesome indexation rates. #2: If you don't want to wait for indexation AND you don't want to take any chances and make sure that the blog post with your link is indexed I have an add-on indexation service that you can hire. Phew... that was a bit of information that I shared with you. But I thought it was necessary. If you are going to trust me with your project, I believe that you should know who you are dealing with, and what type of operation I am running. Make sure to contact me if you have any questions before you decide to order, and I look forward to working with and helping you understand what you need to do to take over those top positions that can change your business and your life.


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