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Complete background check on the company/person in order to gather all the required information
I'll prepare the draft
I'll send you the draft for your approval
Once you approve it, I'll start the publishing process
Once published, I'll send you the live link

About the Service

Having a Wikipedia page for you or your business can increase your visibility 📈 🤔 How does the process look like? With every Wikipedia page we create, there's a complete background check on the company/person in order to find all their achievements, awards, stories, and more. After all the information has been gathered, we start with the draft preparation, which will be sent over to you for approval. If you approve it, we begin the publishing process. 👨‍💻 What We Need From You A. For Bio Pages: We need the following for draft preparation 1. Brief introduction about the person 2. Early life and education 3. Career info 4. Award and recognition (if any) 5. Personal website (if any) 6. Available news-related references B. For company Pages We need the following for draft preparation 1. Brief introduction about the company 2. History of the company so far 3. Product and services info (what the company does or produces) 4. Award and recognition (if any) 5. Company website (if any) 6. Available news-related references C. For Other General topic pages, We need the following information for draft preparation: 1. Brief introduction about the topic 2. Overview or other available info about the topic 3. Available references 📍 International Wikipedia Pages International options such as the, Portuguese, Greek, or Spanish Wikipedias are also available. The English Wikipedia is just one out of 305 Wikipedia languages we have available ( see to find out all the options) The English Wikipedia is the roughest one to get a page to stick on. International wikis are extremely easier to get a page to stick. International Wikipedia(s): 👈 Note: The translation of the page is included in the price. ❌ Wikipedia Caution Message: Your brand/business needs to be notable enough (according to Wikipedia's standards). If so, we can get the Wikipedia page created. However, I want you to know that the English Wikipedia is a very rough and competitive space. The page will be created. It can stick (if your site/brand is notable). But once a page is published, anyone can edit it. Hence, sometimes competitors, and volunteer wiki editors often trigger the removal of pages. However, this rarely happens. So, if you understand the risk above and you’re willing to get the page up and running, we can start. With that said, there are other good alternatives to English Wikipedia, such as: - - Both platforms are very good, they're very much like the English Wikipedia but they're not so rough. We can create the English version (or any international version) on those platforms free of charge to compensate in case your wiki page is removed. I have my personal page on both platforms. When you search “Hilary Umeoka” in Google search, my WikiAlpha page comes up. Here is it - Also when you search "Umeoka Hilary Chielozonam" in Google, my everybodywiki pages comes up. Here is it: We can create your English page on both platforms free of charge to compensate you if for any reason your page gets removed on English Wikipedia. We can start with the English Wikipedia. Then if anything happens, I can create the page on those wiki alternative platforms outlined above free of charge or on the French or Spanish or any other Wikipedia language at a very affordable rate. We charge an extra little fee for the French, Spanish or any other wiki language because of the translation, coding, and publishing process involved. 👮‍♂️ Before ordering you agree that 1. The page can be tagged for deletion by any moderator, and that's out of my control. However, I can always dispute that and if your brand/business/person is notable and has enough valuable references, Wikipedia will side with us, thus the page will remain live. 2. If Wikipedia sides with the moderators, there is nothing I can do, other than try and add stronger references, which you'll provide, that support your page. Though if you don't have them or if they aren't good enough, it won't work. 3. If for any reason, your page gets deleted, I can re-create your page on wikiAlpha and Everybodywiki free of charge. If you also want it on any of the international wikipedias, we'll negotiate the price for translation, coding and publishing. 📝. Final notes Paid mentions are almost useless in regards to Wikipedia page sticking. Think like this, if you're notable enough you don't need to pay for your PR or for someone to talk about you. Wikipedia values organic mentions, not paid ones. English Wikipedia: International Wikipedias: If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, I'm here to help. Thank you for reading through, Hilary U.


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