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Do You Want More People to Buy Your Stuff - NOW!? The problem is, your potential customers and clients don’t care what you want. Nope. Not one teeny, tiny bit. People only care about getting what THEY want. Just like right now, you don’t care what I might want from you. You are reading this because YOU want something. Perhaps you only need a single PIECE OF COPY to help CLOSE THE DEAL. Or maybe you need complete Sales Funnel Copywriting that will continue to predictably BRING IN SALES, month after month. But your customers and clients are only going to give you money under one circumstance - IF THEY BELIEVE YOU CAN ACTUALLY HELP THEM. And there are three ways to communicate to someone that you can help them. 1) TELL THEM YOU CAN HELP THEM 2) HAVE OTHER PEOPLE TELL THEM YOU CAN HELP But there is one last way that is even MORE POWERFUL than social proof. 3) ACTUALLY HELP THEM (Most effective way) That’s right. CONVINCE PEOPLE YOU CAN HELP THEM - BY ACTUALLY HELPING THEM? Simply teach them something small and valuable about their problem. This instantly causes them to see you as an AUTHORITY IN THE MARKET. And when it comes time to solve their problem, who do you think they are going to TRUST and GIVE MONEY? Yeah, they will GIVE YOU MONEY! Because you’ve already DEMONSTRATED YOU CAN HELP THEM. Doesn this make sense? I've sold millions of dollars worth of Products & Services. And what sets me apart? 6+ years of experience. Plus, I was trained by the best in DIRECT Response Copywriting. You got it. Whether your goal is to generate inquiries... nurture prospects... turn visitors into buyers, you’re in the right place. I can help you achieve your objectives, whatever they may be. More sales? More subscribers? More downloads? I believe in reaching people with real, relatable, fun-to-read copy that gets the “YES!” Not just the yes, but the “HELL YES!” Have I DEMONSTRATED my ability to HELP with your SALES COPYWRITING? If "YES" & if you need HIGH-CONVERSION sales copy, website content or anything else for your project, contact me now and invite me to apply for your job. I look forward to hearing from you. Your SUCCESS is My Business, Gaurav K.


  • CHOOSE your package and get amazing, laser-targeted sales copywriting that converts! 1. Discovery & goal setting I dig deep into your business goals. I’ll find out what you want to achieve with my services. 2. Customer & competitor research Using online research and user testing, I’ll lay the groundwork for customer research. 3. Writing amazing copy Based on research and data gathered in step 2, I’ll write sales copy/content etc. that resonates with your target customers so it’s a no-brainer for them to take action.
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    Gaurav Kumar

    Data-driven Conversion Copywriter, Fully-functional Funnel Copywriter & Digital Content Writer | Converts Leads to Customers to Raving Fans | Yamunanagar, IN


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