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Decent writers are a dime a dozen. But great writers? They're hard to find. If you want content that's readable you can hire almost anyone. But your audience wants well-written, original content that speaks to them on their level. That's where I come in. An insightful eBook or Leadmagnet that addresses the problems your target market is facing is the most ethical and effective way to increase your brand value, get more customers or build your email list. You could use an outdated PLR report that has been around since 1999 like every other lazy business out there and wonder why nobody's signing up... ...or, you can deliver a relevant, up-to-date lead magnet that disarms, informs and engages, putting your business on the fast track to big, fat profits. I'm a PERFECTIONIST who strives for excellence and accepts nothing less! What sets me apart? 5+ years of experience... Plus, I was trained by the best in Content Marketing & Copywriting. And, as a native UK English speaker with a 1st class English Language degree, I understand not only the language, but the culture of UK and US audiences. Whether you're looking to engage the millennial crowd, their grandparents, or something in-between, I can help you grab and keep their attention. Day in and day out. Whether you want a light humorous tone to entice readers and customers, or you want a more professional tone to cement your position as an expert in your field - I can help. I'm easy to work with - fast, responsive, and dedicated to providing top quality writing that suits your business needs. But don't just take my word for it, here's what my clients have to say: "Gaurav is a wonderful writer who really helped us capture the right tone and style that we were looking for. I hope we can work together again in the future!" "Fantastic job on this project! Gaurav turned an idea and a few paragraphs into a polished story in a short amount of time. Highly recommend this creative writer. Thank you Gaurav!" Your brand or author tone of voice IS your business. I can help you develop or maintain a tone of voice that sets you apart from your competitors. So, if you want a top-notch writer who's easy to work with and eats deadlines for breakfast (mostly when I've run out of Cheerios) then you know what to do! ORDER NOW or send me a direct message!


  • 1. Discovery & goal setting. I dig deep into your business goals. I’ll find out what you want to achieve with my services. 2. Customer & competitor research. Using online research and user testing, I’ll lay the groundwork for customer research. 3. Writing amazing copy Based on research and data gathered in step 2. I’ll write your eBook, whitepaper copy/content etc. that resonates with your target customers so it’s a no-brainer for them to take action.
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    Gaurav Kumar

    Data-driven Conversion Copywriter, Fully-functional Funnel Copywriter & Digital Content Writer | Converts Leads to Customers to Raving Fans | Yamunanagar, IN


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