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Want to relieve yourself from the worries of content for over-optimization? Well, Surfer SEO is the solution. A piece of content optimized with Surfer performs much better in SERPs than ordinary content. With over 8 years in the SEO industry and helping over 10,000 clients across the globe to scale their businesses, belive me when I say I know the chemistry of content and the power of content optimized with SURFER-SEO You can get better well-written content as compared to your competitors. Surfer is a well-known tool that makes your content 10x ready to RANK. Let's face it, the reason business owners and CEOs work overtime on digital content is to Rank on TOP search engines, attract the attention of consumers and ultimately make more money. My strategy is simple: 🏆 Create engaging content that is fun and easy to read while optimized with the Surfer SEO tool. 🏆 ensure that content aligns with your brand needs and meets the user's intent. 🏆 follow all surfer SEO guidelines with proper NLP analysis of your desired keyword This approach hits the bull's eye every time. I've created content (blogs, webpages, landing pages, email newsletters, articles, social media posts) for business owners in various niches; fashion, health, sports, food, business, and technology. The approach is usually unique to each of my client's values, identities, and markets, but the core strategies remain the same. If you are interested in creating content that will RANK and converts readers, then I'm the person for the job. Perks You'll Enjoy 👉 Data-Driven Surfer SEO Optimized Content – High Score 👉 Plagiarism checked and passed 👉 Complete ownership of articles 👉 Properly Structured Content As Per Surfer Guidelines 👉 Title Optimization For High CTR 👉 On-Time Delivery 👉 Ingenious and professional writing I don't create content for content’s sake. Everything I write, from the headline to the last paragraph, is positioned for two things only. 💣 RANK and CONVERT READERS! 👉👉👉👉 Check out some sample: SEO: Title: Auditing your Website: An SEO Beginners Guide (Please note: Images are not included as appeared in the sample. Adding images comes with addition cost) You can shoot me a DM now if you have any concern Or You can hit the *CONTINUE* button now and let’s get started.


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Oladejo Elisha

Search Engine Optimisation | Content marketing | | Lagos, NG


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