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WARNING: YOUR CURRENT LINK BUILDING METHODS ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY You've probably noticed declining results from traditional link building methods in recent months. The reality is that Google's Natural Language Processor (NLP) algorithm, known as BERT, is becoming incredibly adept at understanding human language. As such, the algorithm quickly devalues backlinks from non-relevant sources. The tried-and-true link sources that have worked for the past few years, like paid guest posts or link insertions (niche edits), are becoming more expensive while producing less effect. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Because in the age of the Semantic Web, TOPICAL RELEVANCE IS KING! Most link building services sell over-priced links on unrelated source domains that often cost hundreds of dollars based on useless 3rd party metrics like PA/DA or UR/DR. Do you really think Google gives a damn about Moz or Ahrefs link metrics when deciding which sites to rank in the search results? What matters to big G most as it continues to better understand topics and entities are links from relevant sources related to the same topic as their intended target. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? Semantic Links Custom "Rebuilds"! I’ve developed and perfected a link building method specifically for pushing TOPICAL RELEVANCE in the age of the semantic web. Our backlinks are built on exclusive, highly-relevant source domains that we hunt down and secure for your specific needs. These domains are analyzed with Majestic and have Trust Flow (TF) 10 or greater, and Topical Trust Flow (TTF) is always in the most appropriate category. Our custom Link Building service provides up to three links within each post: 1. The Money Site (or any target URL you want) 2. LOCAL SEO: The Google Business Website (link or embed) > [subdomain] 3. LOCAL SEO: The Google Business Map (embed) All Link Sources Have: TRUST FLOW 10+ TOPICAL TRUST FLOW (in the most appropriate category) CLEAN LINK PROFILE RELEVANT HISTORY All domains secured (rebuilds) include registration and hosting for one year. At the end of one year, you have the option to renew the domains and hosting for another year for $25 per site. You may also request to have the domains pushed into your registrar, and we can send you the HTML files if you want to host them yourself.
How it Works
You provide me with your target URL(s) and anchor text(s)
I will identify the most relevant TTF Categories
My team hunts down and secures clean domains with TF10+ in the appropriate TTF categories
We publish 1000+ words of SEO'd content on single-page HTML sites hosted on various cloud hosts
You receive a detailed report

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Bradley Benner

Semantic Links | Culpeper, US


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