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Sick of those Obnoxious Citations That Simply Don't Move The Needle?😕 For the first time on Vettted, I present an exclusive citation-building service that doesn't build some random citations (that don't improve any rank) instead I do competitive research first and find out the best citations that your competitors are using to get into the map pack and then I build citations from those directories and listings so you can get into the map pack!🚀 Not only this, but you're going to get - 👉🏻 niche relevant, geographic-specific, and generic citations to get a better boost 👉🏻 Unique spun description for each citation (if requested by you) Here's my process - 1. Do competitive research of the top 3 ranking Google My Businesses 2. Find out their critical and quality citations 3. Build the same citations for you If in case, there are not many citations from your competitors (than the number of citations you have ordered) then additionally, I'll be building citations from the best local directory of your country. Local citations are a local business's best friend. Why? Well, when you list your company on these citations Google sees it as a mention on a web page and helps your GMB and website rank higher! Plus by being listed in the right places online people can also see what kind of service/products might interest them - increasing exposure without spending any money at all. Why Me? 👉🏻 100% manual submission (No tools used). 👉🏻 Unconventional approach to building citations 👉🏻 Checking existing citations, and avoiding duplicates. 👉🏻 Constant NAP 👉🏻 Professional Report with login details, submitted links, notes, etc 👉🏻 Spun and unique description for faster indexing 👉🏻 Sent to the premium indexing tool Don't wait as your competitor may order this gig and get better rankings than yours! Order Now.


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    Yash singh

    SEO | Raipur, IN


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