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The illustrations above are for reference only. Please make sure to address any questions or concerns before placing your order and thoroughly read the gig description and FAQ. Our objective is to expand your reach across a variety of social media platforms. By utilizing social media for your business, you can: ➤ Monitor your competitors' strategies ➤ Foster relationships with customers ➤ Gather valuable insights about your target audience ➤ Enhance brand recognition and loyalty ➤ Convert leads at a higher rate ➤ Provide engaging experiences for your customers To set up your social media accounts, we will need the following information: ➔ Email and password for all accounts ➔ Your website URL ➔ Your company logo ➔ A unique username ➔ A brief (150 characters or less) and detailed (500 characters or less) description of your website ➔ Your Name, Address, Phone number Please note: ✱ If you have already created some social media profiles, let us know so we can focus on creating the remaining ones. ✱ If you have any specific requests or guidelines for us to follow when setting up your accounts, please let us know. ✱ Google, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will not be included in this service as they require a unique phone number for registration. If you'd like us to create these accounts, please provide us with a phone number, and we'll send the verification code to you. ✱ LinkedIn is not included in this service. Each profile will be set up manually and with care. Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of social media for your business?
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