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How it Works

First thing I do is take your keywords and use them to scrape the freshest content from Google. This includes the respective Google region and language. For example if the order is for the UK I am using Google UK. If it is Australia I am using Google AUS and of course if it’s for the US I am using Google USA so that I can get fresh local content.
Now I scrape 100 niche relevant images and 100 niche relevant videos. I check the image urls to make sure they are live.
Now I add your GMB to be embedded.
Now I add your NAP making the phone number click to call.
Now I spin the keyword / keywords into the Image Alt Tags and Video Alt Tags
Now I spin into the content your keywords so that the page is perfectly optimized.
Now I create the H1, H2, H3, H4 title tags with your keyword/s spun in them.
Now I spin the images, videos, map, nap, alt tags and titles into the fresh content and create nested spintax.
Now I create the Tier 1 using High UR / DA / PR Blogs themed for your niche. When I do this I am using the 10 keywords you provide and each one becomes the anchor text linking out to your GMB short link or CID link or Website url. In other words each Tier 1 will have one anchor text linking out to your either of the GMB short link or CID link or Website url. This is 100% keyword anchors. In this step no generic anchor text is used. If you want more generic anchors than please specify in the Gig notes. Folks who understand this process are ordering every month and are supplying commercial anchors or partial match anchors or branded anchors and use this gig to balance their anchor text portfolio.
Now I backlink the Tier 1 with niche relevant blogs. In other words Tier 2, 3 and 4. In each of these Tiers I am again using all the fresh unique structured content. No post is the same. Every post is unique with 100 spun live and niche relevant images, 100 niche relevant videos, your GMB embedded and NAP embedded with a click to call phone number.
I then take all the links and have them crawled using a private and proprietary process which results in higher indexing rates compared to other indexing systems. NOTE – I can also embed a My Map, Google Site, BatchGeo Map. If it can be iframed I can include it.
I then add everything in to a Google Sheet separating the Tier 1 and noting the anchor text used and the links I linked out to. Under the Tier 1 are the Tier 2,3 & 4 that link back to the Tier 1 to power them up.

About the Service

If you need to rank higher in Google Maps for a particular City then you need to order this Gig. Google provides a share link and an iframe code for a reason and LinkDaddy® has the largest Niche Relevant Blog Network in the world to backlink and embed your GMB. In addition to that we use 4G Mobile Proxies to simulate local city searches of your GMB for your specified keywords for that city. This is a powerful Gig and is called Google Maps Ranking for a reason! ✨ What can you expect: ✅ 300+ Tier 1 Niche Relevant Blog Posts ✅ Each Tier 1 Blog Post Links Out to One of the Three Links: Website, GMB Share Link, and CID Link ✅ The Anchor Text will One of the Keywords Supplied ✅ Tier 1 Blog posts are backlinked with 5 SEO DoFollow Backlinks Campaigns and GMB and NAP are embedded on all 4 Tiers. ✅ CTR using 4G Mobile Proxies and spoofing the Latitude and Longitude to simulate local searches. ✅ Ability to Embed a Youtube Video ✅ Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs) ✅ 13,000+ Blogs Posts All Unique With GMB & NAP Embedded ✅ All Blog Post Links Crawled ✅ Social Bookmarks on All Tiers ✅ Blog Post Links Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated ✅ GMB & NAP Embedded on All Four Tiers ✅ 10 Keywords and CTR with 4G mobile proxies for 30 days for One location. ✅ Keywords should be a mix of Branded, Brand plus Location, Brand plus Keyword, and Keywords for each location. Note: If you want to target more locations then you would order another Gig with 10 Keywords like the above themed for the next location.


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