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How it Works

First thing I do is take your keyword and use it to generate well-written AI content. We ensure that all the content are relevant to your keywords or niche.
Now I scrape 100 niche relevant images and 100 niche relevant videos. I check the image urls to make sure they are live.
Now I add your GMB to be embedded.
Now I add your NAP making the phone number click to call.
Now I spin the keyword / keywords into the Image Alt Tags and Video Alt Tags
Now I spin into the content your keyword.
Now I create the H1, H2, H3, H4 titles tags with the keyword.
Now I spin all that into the fresh relevant content and create nested spintax. Result – Perfectly optimised content for that keyword ready to be posted on blogs.
Now I submit that perfectly optimised content to my High UR / DA / PR Blogs themed for your niche and create the Tier 1 blogs posts. When I do this I am using the keywords you provided as anchor text. So this is pure 100% keywords and no generic keywords. Each blog post will have one link on it linking out to the target url and using one of the keywords you provided as anchor text.
I structure the blog posts in such a way so that there is 4 tiers. Tier 4 linking to Tier 3 and Tier 3 linking to Tier 2 and Tier 2 linking to the Tier 1 I created in the previous step. There are approximately 150 Tier 1 links. But the overall campaign will be 2500+ blog posts.
In each of these Tiers I am using all the fresh unique structured and optimised content. No post is the same. Ever post is unique with 100 spun live and niche relevant images, 100 niche relevant videos, your GMB embedded and NAP embedded with a click to call phone number. NOTE – I can also embed a My Map, Google Site, BatchGeo Map. If it can be iframed I can include it.
I then take all the links and have them crawled using a private and proprietary process which results in higher indexing rates compared to other indexing systems.

About the Service

This Gig is powerful. Be warned. There is no generic anchor text on the Tier 1. The keywords you provide are used as anchor text. This Gig should be ordered if you already have enough generic, branded and naked URL anchor text and you need a kick in the SERPs. This service is designed to help build up your anchor text ratios of certain Money Keywords and/or lessen the number of links to certain pages. The total number of Tier 1 links will be approximately 150. So if you give 5 URLs and 5 Money Keywords, each URL will get approximately 30 links each with 1 of the Money Keywords as Anchor Text. ✅ This is a great way to help build up your anchor text ratios of certain keywords and/or dilute the number of links to certain pages / urls! ✅ Total number of Tier 1 links will be approximately 150. So if you give 5 urls each url will get approximately 30 links each. ✅ However I recommend just linking to 1 URL if you are looking for more power. On this Gig we are using 100% the keywords you provide and no generic anchor on the Tier 1. ✅ Tiers 2,3 and 4 we are using generic anchor text but the Tier 1 is 100% money keywords. 🟢 FEATURES 🟢 ✅ 150+ Tier 1 Niche Relevant Blog Posts ✅ Each Tier 1 Blog Post will link out to One of the Five URLs you supply ✅ The Anchor Text will be One of Five Keywords you supply ✅ The 150+ Tier 1 blog posts are then backlinked with a 1x SEO Dofollow Backlinks campaign (2500+) ✅ Your GMB & NAP will be embedded on all four tiers (if for a local business) ✅ Ability to Embed a Youtube Video ✅ Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs) ✅ All Blog Post Links Crawled ✅ Social Bookmarks on All Tiers ✅ Blog Post Links Provided in Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated


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