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It's hard to know which backlinks are good for your website and will help improve your SEO Most people think that the only way to get good backlinks is to hire an expensive SEO consultant or buy links from a link broker. This can be incredibly risky and often doesn't produce the results you're looking for. Straight Up Search uses a winning link-building recipe that helps you get links from real forums that will boost your SEO position and help you get in front of the right people. >> What is a Crowd Link? A crowd link is a link posted on review websites, social media, and other blogs where readers' comments function as recommendations, reviews, opinions, and product endorsements. These links are usually used to raise brand recognition, build a favourable opinion about the company's product or service, and boost website traffic. The strategic insertion of crowd links is a great way to achieve your marketing goals. >> Why Do Crowd Links Work? These are digital footprints that are natural for brands to have online. - Links from popular, REAL forums and Q&A sites - Drip-fed links (1-3 links per day) - Niche relevant, LIVE discussions - Natural mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links (50/50) - Unique, contextual, and native comments provided by our team >> Crowd Links FAQ 1. Are your links DoFollow or NoFollow? It's important for this to appear as natural digital footprints to Google. We have a natural mix of nofollow and dofollow links (on average 50/50) 2. What if the link is deleted? This is very common because we publish comments on strictly moderated platforms. That’s why we offer a one-year guarantee! If your link is deleted - just tell us in the order ticket and our team will replace it. 3. Do you work with all niches? Yes, we can provide links for almost every niche. Contact us if uncertain. 4. How many URLs and Keywords? Yes, please provide URLs and keywords. Minimum 5 backlinks per 1 URL is allowed. For this package of 10 Crowd Links, you will supply 2 URLs and 2 sets of keywords.
How it Works
Provide us with your target URLs & KWs (Minimum 5 backlinks per 1 URL is allowed)
We analyse your niche and identify relevant placement opportunities
We strategically insert your backlink in the context of the placement
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