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❎ STOP Micro-managing your SEO! πŸ”· The #1 Ultimate SEO Foundation Solution with a SINGLE click! (Guaranteed!) πŸ”· - A Standalone, Jam-Packed Bundle of alll the Whitehat Foundation Backlinks you could wish for! πŸ‘‰ Having successfully delivered well over 4,000+ SEO orders with my team on different marketplaces with exclusively Premium-Quality deliverables, and innovative solutions, we don't just sell 'Gigs' but All-inclusive & Managed Solutions to minimize the ridiculous steps of the SEO process for you as much as possible so you don't go CRAZY micro-managing each and every step of the SEO process for you and your clients and life tu β€’ ─────────── β€’ ⚑What's in it for you?⚑ β€’ ─────────── β€’ A wholistic network of Branded, White-hat, Authority backlinks for your Domain & target URLs. This Supercharged bundle comes with:- βœ… 1,500 Social Signals βœ… 100 Highly-diversified Whitehat Backlinks (Document/Image/Video Sharing, Social Bookmarking, Directory Listing, Web 2.0s, Basic Level Press Release/Article Submission) βœ… 70+ High DA Profile Backlinks βœ… Supercharged with Google Entity Backlinks (Google Docs, Images, Drive backlinks, Spreadsheets ... etc) β€’ ─────────── β€’ ⚑Why Foundation links are a MUST-HAVE? πŸ€” β€’ ─────────── β€’ βœ” Critical to have in place before moving on to using Power Links with your target Keyword Anchors (PBNs, GuestPosts, Niche Edts) βœ” Keeping the overall link profile of your domain or your URLs in shape and balanced (your link profile can't be all PBNs/GuestPosts/Niche Edits! - Too Risky & Alarming) βœ” Reduces & Offsets Anchor text over-optimization βœ” Combats Negative SEO βœ” Assists with the regular maintenance of achieved rankings β€’ ─────────── β€’ ❌ ZERO-Risk on Your Part! (Your $ is Safe with Us!) βœ” β€’ ─────────── β€’ πŸ”΅ 150% Full-Transparency with Everything out in the Open☝️ Samples are available upon request for you to directly inspect & check before ordering!

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Amed Abraham

Market-Crusher Solutions to 1-Up Your Competition -Guaranteed! | Cairo, EG


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