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Land your PRESS RELEASE on the WORLD TOP news sites and experience a FLOOD of organic traffic coming your way. Wait a minute!!! Did I hear you say? " I tried doing a press release a while back, and it was a dud. Maybe it worked for others, but not for my situation"? Maybe your press release was, in fact, a dud, and you might even be right that press releases don’t work in your situation, but let’s look harder at the “they don’t work” part. You need two things in order for press releases to work: Something newsworthy. Effective press release distribution. Maybe you had a really newsworthy story and went with a lousy, bottom-dollar press-release outfit that promised the world and delivered nothing. Maybe you did the opposite, and your story did, in fact, get into the hands of lots of journalists with an interest in your area, but they didn’t find any news in your story. Here’s something you can take to the bank: If you ask us for our opinion on how newsworthy your story is, we’ll tell you the truth. That’s very different from the automated guys–the ones that suck up your story and spam it out to a list of a jillion “news outlets” with no human involvement but at a really great price. They’ll never turn down your money. Just to be clear, we like money as much as the next company, so we’ll try our best to find the news angle in your story. But if it’s just not there, we will tell you that. If you choose to give us a shot, here is the first thing; We will make sure your press release reaches from Google News to Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Associated Press News (APNews) Benzing, Business Insider, and other premium news outlets like,, Azcentral, Daily Herald, HTV10, US News, KTVN, WRAL, etc. 🤜🏼 TAKING YOUR NEWS TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Marketing your business is something you can’t avoid. Television ads are budget busters, while traditional print ads in trade or national publications provide exposure but come with a hefty price tag. So, what is the best and the most effective way to promote your business/service/ ideas using a minimum budget but getting maximum exposure? 🤜🏼 EFFECTIVE ONLINE MARKETING ON A BUDGET Well, for all budget-conscious businesses, the answer lies in using the power of press releases to promote your product/services/ideas in the online community and receive a massive Ranking Boost. You can use the powers of a press release to fashion your product/services/ideas and send them to journalists to boost your online presence. 🤜🏼 WHY PRESS RELEASE? Press releases are one of the best tools to shine the spotlight on your e-business. They compel the media outlets to cover your company, employees, or products, which generates attention. Journalists, bloggers, and consumers alike read these press releases online. And for every site that posts your press release, you get an extra link juice. This is because the website link appears on all of these sites, which makes Google and other search engines move your business up in the search results. 🤜🏼 WHY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE? To effectively utilize the power of a press release, it has to be newsworthy to generate excitement, not only among the editors and journalists but also among the target audience. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose a professional press release writing service that can take your news to the widest possible audience and maximize the benefits of the press release. 🤜🏼 WHY SEOBOOSTER PRESS RELEASE SERVICE? We offer press release service with a difference. We use a simple, yet effective strategy to optimize the reach of your news but in an affordable way. You get the best exposure to the most exciting and vibrant online advertising platforms. 👉 Engaging Content [Free 500 words professionally written press release]. All the Press releases are professionally written by native writers. Did you know that lack of a journalistic tone dooms many amateur press releases? Our seasoned wordsmiths know how to make overloaded editors, reporters, and your target market sit up and take notice of your press release. 👉Pulsating Headlines 👉All the Press releases are SEO optimized to gain higher ranks in major search engines. 👉 You will approve the PRs before they are finally distributed. Using your newsletter, website, or notes, we will prepare a compelling press release for you. You review our finished press release and are given the opportunity to approve, suggest changes (that we make), or revise. 👉 hyperlinks are included in the body of the press release 👉 Guaranteed inclusion in Google News with anchor text links back to your site. 👉 All PRs are published in News, Radio, TV, Newspapers, and Niche Relevant sites 👉 We use the White Hat Method. 👉 Well distributed and well-timed 👉 A detailed report is provided with each order showing all the links. 👉 Most economical packages YOU CALL THE SHOTS We know our clients are busy. That’s why our in-house press release writers will work according to your preferences. This is where they really shine. They are very good at reaching out to you to glean that vital piece of information that pushes a press release from good to great. Are You Ready to Give Your business/brand/Site The Best Treat Ever??? With our top-notch PR service, we will get you the coverage you won’t find anywhere else. 👉 Precise Targeting: To achieve precise targeting, we share your PR with the editors, journalists, and media sites via their email addresses. 👉 Exposure in Social Media Community: We also share your PR on various social media sites, like Facebook. 👉 Keyword Optimization: To ensure maximum visibility in major search engines. 👉 Google-centric: We ensure your PR is included in Google News to attract massive traffic and increase your website ranking in all major search engines. 👉 Your SERP will shift positively… 👉 Your Brand will gain a wider reputation… 👉 And you can confidently use “AS SEEN ON” your site(s) The press release will also be sent for syndication on the News Information Engine (NIE) Circuit. NIE is subscribed to by millions of journalists, corporate decision-makers, market makers, brokers, etc., to track and break the news. ✅ What Do You Stand To Get? You’ll get: 🤜🏼 STANDARD FIRE PACKAGE Distribution to Benzinga, FOX40, SNN News, and 250-400 other news sites. ✅ A well written 500 words Newsworthy Press Release (Free) ✅ Guaranteed distribution to the news sites ✅ Google picks up guaranteed. ✅ Video Embeds (optional) ✅ Map Embeds (optional) ✅ A Mixture of Do and No-follow backlinks ✅ A complete white label report (Pdf, excel, and/or txt) 🤜🏼 ADVANCED PACKAGE ✅ Effective Ranking Package. Press Release Distribution to Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and 80+ Bonus sites…Google News, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. ✅ Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. ✅ A well written 500 words Newsworthy Press Release (Free) ✅ Guaranteed distribution to the news sites ✅ Video Embeds (optional) ✅ Map Embeds (optional) ✅ A Mixture of Do and No-follow backlinks ✅ A complete report (Excel and/or txt) ✅ Google picks up guaranteed 🤜🏼 PREMIUM PACKAGE: Sure Bet for Brand Reputation and Exposure. ✅ A well written 500 words Newsworthy Press Release (Free) ✅ High Authority links from Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, APNews, Benzinga, Business Insider,, and 100+ TOP News Outlets etc. Google News, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. ✅ Guaranteed distribution to news sites. ✅ Video Embeds (optional) ✅ Map Embeds (optional) ✅ A Mixture of Do and No-follow backlinks ✅ A complete report (Excel and/or txt) ✅ Google picks up guaranteed ✅ Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines No BS. We are confident that our PR will get you results if you have done everything right and after using our services, do not see any movement in your rankings. We will Disseminate another PR for you until you are OK. 👉 We DO NOT WRITE ON and/or DISTRIBUTE FOR THE CATEGORIES BELOW:- Se-xually explicit/a-dult Gam-bling Loans Racial issues Political opinions Religious opinions Se-x-related Escort services A-dult products Scams or Scam related products Health claims or a product like health supplements & pharmaceuticals Firearms 👉 Refund Policy: Please kindly read the refund policy and be sure you agree with it before placing an order. There is a REFUND ONLY if: The PR is NOT distributed to media sites as promised on the service page. If you are not too sure about where your PR will be distributed, you can ask for a sample report before placing an order. If the report is not provided after distribution… If the PR is not distributed after your Approval of the PR article sent to you within the TAT period. There is NO REFUND for any of the conditions below: The offer is a 2-in-1 service (writing and distribution). The first part is the writing service. Once your order is placed, a draft copy of your PR will be written and sent to you for Approval within 3-6 days after you place an order. The purpose of this copy is to be sure you are satisfied with the write-up. If you are not happy with it, you can request a modification or complete re-writing. The PR article will be re-written or modified as requested and resubmitted to you for Approval. There will be NO REFUND if: You think you are not OK with the article but never give us the opportunity to either make the correction(s) or re-write it again… The DRAFT COPY was sent to you, and we didn’t get any approval message from you before the TAT (turn-around time) was over. Note that we will not distribute any PR that is not approved, even if the TAT is over. If we don’t hear from you, we will mark the order as delivered to avoid going beyond our TAT. However, your PR will be distributed anytime you get back to us, and the report will be sent to you even if the order has been marked as delivered. You give the article to another writer to write for you and ask us to issue either a partial or full refund for it after we’ve submitted our DRAFT COPY. 2. If after your Approval and the PR is distributed, you decide to stop the distribution. 3. If you requested the removal of the PR after distribution: A press release, once distributed, can’t be stopped. However, under exceptional circumstances, we can accept removal requests. A handling charge of $250 per press release is applicable for all removal requests. Please note that some publications may not accept removal requests.


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