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If you're looking for high quality content, manually written by a talented native English speaker who doesn't rely on AI tools to cut corners or speed things up, then look no further! All content I write will be well researched and written to the highest standard, and written to appeal to your target audience in the STYLE and TONE that you prefer e.g. conversational or formal, in grammatically correct or US or UK English. I will write a compelling, seo-friendly blog post or article. Whether it's a product review, a how-to guide, a post or page for a business website, or any other type of content, I will ensure it's informative, captivating and a pleasure to read. You can either provide an existing article to be rewritten, or just give me the topic/outline and I will take care of the rest. What you’ll get:- - In-depth research to get a clear understanding of the subject (I love digging out relevant facts/statistics/quotes!) - 100% original content (never plagiarised) and passed by Copyscape - SEO-friendly. You can provide your keywords to be included (and specify desired keyword density) - Grammatically and factually correct - Unlimited revisions - Clear communication As search engine algorithms have changed and became smarter, many common SEO tactics have subsequently been rendered ineffective. Therefore, providing content with value is the number one priority. I create meaningful, well written original content that performs well in the search engines. If you have specific keywords you want included you can provide these and I will work them into the article. Please note that I will not write about topics that are politically oriented or anything pornographic. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Andrew Patrick

SEO Content Writer | Glasgow, GB


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