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About the Service
👉 Who's this for? If you're having problems ranking your site, if you're stuck on the middle or end of page one, or if you just want to spam your competitor's website, this is for you. With this service, your competitor's sites will start to be less trusted in Google's eyes. Google will see 10.000.000+ links in 10 days sent to your competitor's website, all with the same anchor text (or any other anchors you'd like), and will trigger a Google penalty. The goal of Negative SEO is to trigger a Google penalty, and there are two different ways to do it: ❌ Over optimization - Use the same anchor text over and over again to trigger an over-optimization penalty. ❌ Pure spam - Use pure spam anchor text to trigger a spam penalty. 👨‍🏫 Negative SEO Explained: When we do negative SEO, it all depends on the spam score, site authority in Google's eyes, targeted site's age, amount of links sent, and anchor text used. A good rule of thumb is: The higher the site's authority & age of the domain, the more difficult it is to push a site down. Penalties are triggered either by over-optimization or just pure spam. Our goal is to increase the Moz spam score and decrease the site authority and trust in Google's eyes. This is done by blasting the site's homepage and inner pages with a lot of Russian and Chinese spam links. What I need from you: - URL(s) - Anchor text (can be naked URL) - Any special requirements/notes Unfortunately, I can't guarantee any results. Every site has its unique characteristics, and even though this type of SEO campaign works for some, it may not work for everyone. That said, you can take a look at some client reviews below. Even though I've had several success stories, negative SEO doesn't work every single time. It can work like a charm and get sites tanked in a couple of days, but please note that it isn't a guarantee.
How it Works
You send me the target URLs
You let me handle the anchor text choice, or you chose them your self
  • Complete excel report with all the live links, anchor text used, date published, and target URLs.
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    Vasco Monteiro

    Off-Page SEO Expert & Consultant 📈 | Lisbon, PT


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