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As a WebMarketing specialist, I went through a few companies in my professional career and made marketing plans for all of them, which gave me a lot of knowledge to do so. So, my proposal is to create a Marketing Plan for your business that can encompass offline and/or online business. It is with a well-defined Marketing Plan that the company will be able to plan and structure its year in terms of marketing and communication for its business. In this Marketing Plan I will: - Analyze the business, the company (offline and digital) and the market - Create target audiences and personas - Define the Marketing Mix, with your help - Create an action plan, with objectives - Indicate KPI's to be able to analyze the results of the actions - Adapt the budget you want to invest
How it Works
You will choose your Plan
you will send me all the business information
you will tell me the objectives and budget available for marketing
I will create a Marketing Plan for your business
We will meet before, during and after the construction of the Marketing Plan
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