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✨ Wix Only SEO Service ✨ Hello, I'm Tom from Ireland. - Verified Wix Top 25 Partner - Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland qualified S.E.O - Business Owner of Page 1 Wix Website - Native English Speaker I will: » Fully Optimize your Wix website (no stone left unturned); » Provide Plain English (no jargon!) report detailing every optimization made; -plus- » Plain English advice on what you can change about your site to make it more Google-friendly in the future. Not an auto-generated report like others supply. Wix Partner? Yes, I'm a Top 25 Partner. Experience? Put my own Wix site on Page 1 of Google (see profile pic). Quality? Of the 100's of SEOs here, I'm the only one with the "Fiverr's Choice" badge. ✨ I Optimize: ✔ Image Alt Tags; ✔ H1, H2, H3 Tags; ✔ Native English Meta Titles & Descriptions; ✔ Schema; ✔ Advanced SEO; ✔ Internal Linking; ✔ Errors in Google Search Console? Fixed. ✨ Submit to Google: ✔ Sitemap; ✔ New URLs; Plain English advice on less-obvious factors: ✔ Targeted by spam links but don't know it? ✔ Poor mobile version holding you back? ✔ E.A.T. issues affecting doctor & lawyer sites. Let's talk business. Sincerely, Tom

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Tom Nelan

Wix SEO Expert | Dublin, IE


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