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Not seeing the results you want from social media? You've tried following courses and online gurus but need a bit more personalized help? Or maybe you just need some new fresh ideas to fill up your content calendar? With my full social media strategy package, you'll get a custom plan made just for you, with actionable steps you or your team can take on to help grow your business. Inside this package you'll get: ✅ A social media audit of your current accounts ✅ Market & competitor research ✅ A custom hashtag bank you can use for all your posts ✅ An - also custom - content plan and post ideas ✅ And outsourcing options I'll package this all into a .pdf, and I'll also send you training videos so you and your team know how to use everything I give you and can go back to it any time you need a refresh on your socials (alternatively, you can hire me and my team to help you out as well!). This may be just the push you need to keep going with your social media, better than ever before.
How it Works
You'll fill out a form to share your info
I'll do extensive research in your market and competitors
I'll come up with a detailed plan based on your needs
  • PDF strategy with fully custom content plan, platform recommendations, content pillars and more!
  • Video walkthrough of the strategy with additional info
  • Samples

    See exactly what you're getting before ordering.


    Meet the seller

    Sílvia Pinho

    Social Media Manager & Content Creator for Fun Small Businesses | Setúbal, PT


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