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I know that launching and managing an advertising campaign is hard. That's why I make it easy and simple after 9 years of experience in the advertising field. In 2021 I was invited by Meta to join their business partner program. A proven track record is ensured! :) With social media platforms have taken over the normal content consumption, in the last decade, alone, it has become extremely important for businesses to showcase their products and services online. I have built a circle of trust and reliability, with the insurance that brands who partner with me are working with verified digital advertising specialists. My Mission is to put your entire budget to work, Informingly optimize eCommerce revenue-based. I will monitor campaign performance in real-time and identify bottlenecks. I take human actions and apply meaningful moves on traffic segmentation, creative inputs, and messages, tweaks that make a positive impact on revenue. Based in Portugal I provide my services worldwide. So, no matter where you are located in the world, I look forward to having an excellent working partnership with you and your business. What's Included with this service: ✅ The management of your ad campaigns throughout the month. ✅ Adjusting strategy as performance dictates ✅ Targeting options and audience research and building. ✅ An unlimited number of campaign creations. ✅ Facebook Pixel Audit ✅ Monthly performance report and 24/7 support. 📈 Budget Limit t up to 3000€ a month FREE BONUS 1- Sales Funnel Review "Most profitable eCommerce stores in the world have high website conversion rates. So before driving traffic to your website, it is essential that your sales process is refined and optimized for max conversion." 2- Consulting "Every business is different. Each one has its own KPIs and its own infrastructure. I will take an x-ray vision and help your business achieve target goals with clear metrics" Why should I work on your project? I have worked with over +70 brands from all over the world, from just a startup businesses to big companies spending thousands on ads every single day. Some of the businesses I'm working with are generating thousands of euros with an insane return on ad spend. I'm always straightforward in my opinions and in my work please contact me before you order and see if we can work together. Not include: Creatives Ad copy (Only adjusts for better conversions) Comments on Ads Invoice Exports Fee free to get on a Free 15min call if you have any questions: Check >

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Telmo Pereira

Facebook, Instagram Ads for eCommerce | Oporto, PT


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