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Click Traffic That Increases Rankings (CTR)

About the Service
Click Through Rate, or CTR for short, is a ranking factor. This means that if a lot of people search for "best carpenter in Bali" and click the result in position #7 over any other result higher that it, eventually, the result in position #7 will jump to #1. Why? Because Google wants to provide its users with the most valuable search result. 👉 If people are clicking #7 over all the six results above it, it means #7 is the most relevant one thus it should be ranked above all others. This is a simplistic view but it's how it works. ---------- 🟪 Does CTR Really Affect a Site's Rankings? A few years back, Rand Fishkin of Moz conducted a CTR case study that showed how sending clicks to his Google search engine result could propel a website from position seven to number one in less than three hours. These were actual individuals clicking actual buttons (no bots). This was the first demonstration that click through rate (CTR) may significantly affect the SERPs. 📄 This case study is public and be accessed here: https://sparktoro.com/blog/queries-clicks-influence-googles-results/ 🟪 Real Human Clickers in Your Country We use crowdsourcing to find actual people who will search your Google keywords and click on your listings (no bots are ever used!). Your ORGANIC click through rate (CTR) goes up, and your SEO efforts benefit from it. You can target any country and any language. 🟪 Why Invest in Website Traffic? Increasing your search engine result listing using click through rate (CTR) can be a highly helpful SEO ranking signal. It should be complementary to any SEO strategy. 🟪 Alternative uses for CTR - Reputation Management Say you have a search result ranking #1 that is not entirely true or maybe it's hurting you or your business. You could use Vettted's CTR service to rank more trusted news above this untrue search result. Thus hidding the result that's hurting you. Reputation management is extremelly valuable for any brand, and a CTR service can help a campaign be even more successful. 🟪 Does the traffic appear on Google Search Console (GSC) Yes. You'll be able to see the traffic on your GSC dashboard. 🟪 How CTR Campaigns Should be Done Anyone can use bots, we make sure to do things properly: - Using localised IPs - Using real people, not bots - Clickers spend time on your site browsing
How it Works
You tell us which Google you want us to search your keyword from (i.e. Google.com, Google.es, Google.pt...)
You give us your keyword(s) and URL so we can search for it
A multitute of real humans with local IPs will search and click your search result
People will spend between 1 to 2 minutes browsing your site
In the end of the campaign a detailed traffic report will be sent to you
Your search result should jump up the rankings*

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