January 9, 2023

Scribe SEO Strategy

A Case Study on Scribe's SEO Strategy

Scribe is a freemium tool that allows anyone to create a visual "how to" guide.

Their SEO strategy is impressive both because their product is the perfect fit for SEO and because the pages that get the most traffic and rank higher in search engines aren't created by Scribe themselves.

The pages that get the most traffic and rank higher aren't created by Scribe themselves.
Scribe's Domain Metrics

What is Scribe

Before diving into their SEO strategy it's important to understand how their product works. This is important for any company but especially for Scribe, as their product works extremely well with a search marketing strategy.

Scribe essentially allows you to turn any process into a visual step-by-step guide. It's a good and more straightforward alternative to Loom.

Scribe "How to" page for OnlyFans

Srcibe is SEO friendly

Just like Zapier, Scribe's product is perfect to implement an SEO strategy. This is because there's a wide range of use cases for their product.

This SEO friendlyness allows them to create infinite "how to" pages on any given industry for any given process.

Moreover, all of these user generated pages (which index and rank in search engines) allow Scribe to populate the internet with "how to ____" tutorials on the most wide range of industries.

Most of these "how to" pages, which Scribe calls /shares.

Traffic Breakdown

As expected, a majority of their traffic comes from these user generated pages (/shared).

It's impressive that the content that ranks higher and gets the most amount of traffic isn't even created by Scribe

Scribe's traffic from /shared pages

Backlinking Strategy

Because Sribe is a freemium tool there are a lot of businesses using it both for the internal and public "how to's". This means that Scribe is getting a lot of links for the most wide range of niches and industries.

Video Breakdown

In the video below I go more in-depth on Scribe's SEO strategy and how their SEO strategy is breaking the internet.