January 24, 2023

Google Maps SEO

How One Business Ranked Number 1 on Google Maps With a Clever SEO Tactic


Competition is fierce in the real estateniche and largely depends on your location. Therefore, many businesses requiresophisticated SEO strategies to boost rankings successfully. In this case study,we will look at how one client climbed the rankings of Google Maps within just2 weeks.


For privacy purposes, the client's nameremains anonymous. Still, we can share precise data demonstrating how effectivethis SEO strategy was for this client.


The Problem


Initially, the client's ARP was 16.64 -calculated using a 5 x 5 grid with a 6-mile radius covering 144 square miles. Essentially, this meant his business needed better visibility in potentialcustomers' search results.


The Solution: Authority Map Stacking


The only way to boost rankings is toconcentrate on Google's three main principles when ranking a website/GBMlisting locally: prominence, proximity, and relevance .Authority Map Stacking draws upon all three concepts.


This tactic involves the layering of twopowerful entities: Google Cloud and BatchGeo (a custom mapping platform with ahigh DR of 81). We will generate one fully optimized entity by providing thesetwo platforms with as much information about the target business as possible. The type of information we use includes keywords, CID URLs, GMB, and theneighborhood.


Once the super powerful, keyword-rich, andgeo-relevant entity is created, we then target the CID URLs and GMB iframes todrive power and relevance to the GMB listing.


The next step is to build backlinksutilizing a network of sites that are interlinked and optimized for local SEO.This will include the business' blog network with links to the keyword-targetedand geo-relevant entities created previously. This then links to the GMBlisting and the business website too.


Ultimately, these multiple layers and linkscombine to satisfy Google's three main principles it considers when rankingwebsites. For local businesses, it's a fantastic SEO tactic that boosts yourrankings.


The Results


The work began on 5th December, and in just2 weeks (19th December 2022), the client's ARP (Average Ranking Position) movedfrom 16.64 to 1, while the SoLV (Share of your Local Voice) hit 100.


The client now ranks number 1 for a 6-mileradius covering 144 square miles for their target keyword ("we buyhouses____"). Other keywords have also increased in ranking, mainly due tothe fact that the client is already considered an authority in his niche.


Of course, results from SEO tactics taketime to manifest. However, since Google rapidly indexes its own platform,results may appear quicker than usual.


How Can You AchieveThis Too?


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Take a look at the video break down below:


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