March 24, 2021

Martial Arts News Site

This case study is on a News site based in Asia that covers martial art sports.

Asian Martial Arts News Site

This SEO Case Study is focused around a Martial Arts News site in Asia.

The site covers MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, BJJ and anything else in the region that involves combat sports.

Increase in monthly traffic from 4,494 to 15,223.

The Problem

The site's traffic had been declining all throughout 2021 and the client was desperate to bring it back up.

News sites should focus on creating timely, accurate, and informative content that addresses the needs and interests of their target audience. This includes articles, videos, and other multimedia content.

However, with news sites it's always tricky to develop a proper SEO strategy as you have to constantly be creating new and optimised pieces of content.

The Solution

Throughout the time SEO work was being done on the site no link building efforts were needed to acheive the results.

This was manily because there were a lot of technical SEO fixes that needed to be done.

The solution was simple: fix all the technical SEO issues and evaluate the improvements acheived.

Solution Breakdown

This is where we break down the technical side of things. SEO is complex but we try to break it down and explain the details behind the strategy as much as possible.

For this strategy to be successful there had to be heavy focus on technical SEO and On-Page SEO.

Technical SEO Fixes

The strategy was focused around fixing technicalities on the site (i.e. redirects, 404s, URL restructuring, Schema, meta optimization, speed, and CVR optimization).

Here are a couple technical SEO fixes that were done:

  • Making sure the site was crawlable -> Search engines use bots, or "spiders," to crawl and index the pages on the site. If the site has technical issues that prevent the bots from accessing or understanding its content, it won't be able to rank in search results.
  • Using a clean and intuitive URL structure -> This helps search engines understand the content on the site and improve its rankings. Using descriptive, keyword-rich URLs and avoiding using parameters or long strings of numbers and letters goes a long way
  • Optimizing the site's loading speed -> A site that takes more that 10 seconds to load and it's ranking first is the same as a site that's ranking on the second page. People will simply click away and go to the second search result.
  • Schema Markup -> This helps search engines understand the content on the site and improve its rankings for relevant search queries.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO played a big part in the success of this campaign - SurferSEO was utilized for content optimization.

Often neglected, On-Page SEO plays a crucial role in any successful SEO strategy. It's important to mention that there was also a team of writers full time writing well researched SEO optimized articles for the site.

Choosing the right keywords is essential, so the writing team spent a lot of resources doing Keyword Research and using relevant and popular keywords in both the articles that were being writen, as well as on the page's title, and headings.

Leveraging Personalities

One of the best things, which is see when taking a look at the "top pages" according to Ahrefs as as seen on the image below,

Top pages according to Ahrefs

By leveraging fighter names (i.e. big personalities in the fighting space) they're able to capture a lot of traffic from people that are interested in what these famous fighters are up to.

In this case in specific, one of the pages that brings in the most traffic to the site focuses on the predicition of a certain fighter next fight. Wether that's ever going to happen or not doens't matter - the goal is to capture people's attention by writing an opinion piece and ranking for high volume keywords in the fighting niche.

The Results

Since the work started in December of 2021 the results have been clear. There was a massive increase in both monthly organic traffic as well as the number or organic keyword rankings.

The average monthly traffic has gone up from 4,494 to 15,223 according to Ahrefs as seen below:

Ahrefs traffic increase from ~4k to ~16k/mo

The total organic keyword rankings increased from 14,880 to 33,823 as seen by the screenshot below:

Organic keyword rankings increase (according to Ahrefs)

Video breakdow

To aid in the understanding of the more technical parts of this case study a video breakdown was recorded.

The breadown starts from 0:00 and goes until 3:44.

Is your site next?

These results were ahcieved by Bart, a verified Vettted SEO Expert.

Bart Magera - Vettted SEO Expert