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🧠 The Smart Way of Doing "Rank and Rent" 🎥 See How It Works: https://youtu.be/CM1TllipVrE If you're like me and do SEO for local businesses, this plugin might just be the best thing you've found today... ...and let me tell you why! When doing SEO for local businesses (or any business) there's always one fear I have in mind, which is, that when their site is ranked, they can simply stop paying me. They can just tell me, "Well, thank you for ranking our site, we don't need you anymore!" So, how can we prevent this from happening? It's simple, you just have to rank your own sites and then overlay theirs, on top of yours! 👉 How? With the help of the plugin I and my team developed. The ✨Konec Rank and Rent SEO Plugin✨ The "Konec Rank & Rent Plugin" lets you overlay/lightbox your client's site on top of yours! 👉 But Why Would You Want This? If you're calling businesses and ranking their websites for a monthly fee, and after you rank them, they stop paying you, the only way you can prevent this, is if you rank your own site, and they overlay/lightbox your client sites over yours. If they stop paying you, you'll be able to remove their site in a blink of an eye! This way, you can not only protect your assets (in this case, your sites), but easily manage different clients if they choose to end the contract you had with them. 👉 If You Didn't Watch The Video, Here's a Recap With this plugin, you'll be able to: ✅ Rent your site to a client (keep control instead of ranking their site); ✅ Rent multiple location pages on your site to different clients (ex.: You have plumbing website for different cities, you can rent out each location page to a different plumber company in each of those cities); ✅ You have 100% control and can remove/edit the overlay with a single click; 👉 Frequently Asked Questions Q. Can I use this plugin on multiple sites? A. Yes, just purchase the higher priced package Q. Can I overlay different sites on different pages of my site? A. Yes, this plugin allows you to overlay/lightbox different sites or different pages of specific sites, on specific pages of your own site. Let's say you create a site for "Plumbing in NYC" and that site has multiple pages for different suburbs inside NYC, what you can do is rent out those individual suburb pages to different businesses that operate in those areas. Q. Does this work on mobile as well? A. Yes, the plugin works perfectly on both mobile and desktop. Q. I have more questions about the plugin, where can I ask them? A. Just send me a message on Vettted, I'll be happy to help! 👉 Plugin specifications: ✅ Compatible with any version of WordPress ✅ Works on all operating systems and display sizes (mobile included!) ✅ 24/7 Customer support Thank you for reading through, Vasco PS.: If you're doing "Rank and Rent", or plan on doing it in the future, this plugin will make your life easier. Grab it while the price is extremely low, as I'll have to increase it when more reviews come in.
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