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⭐️ “After years of no results, we’re now #1 in the Map Pack!” – Locksmith, NYC ⭐️ “Online sales leads have TRIPLED! Thanks Rank Harvest!” – Real Estate Agency, TX ⭐️ “Don’t know how they did it, our CBD/cannabis sales skyrocketed!” – Dispensary, MI The most powerful and effective local SEO strategy on Vettted! This is a winning combination of local SEO elements and multiple types of the top performing localized backlinks all in one package. This is a cutting-edge technique with proven results only available from Rank Harvest. Here's what you can expect: - Drip-feed localized backlinks for maximum performance. - Local Map Pack ‘Super-Circle’ and GEO/map citations - Brand mentions and blog comments. - Contextual backlinks for any niche. - Drip-fed over 20+ days. - Web 2.0 and Social. Due to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, an increase in backlinks must now be accompanied by an increase in social proof and brand mentions. This blend has been carefully designed over time with proven results on hundreds of websites. The packages: - 300 Local Power Blend 1 URL, 4 keywords - 500 Local Power Blend 2 URLs, 8 kwds - 700 Local Power Blend 3 URLs, 12 kwds

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Michael Chagala

SEO Expert & Consultant 📈 | San Diego, US


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