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This Service is for SEO’s & Business Owners who: 📍 Understand that using Click-through rate (CTR) to manipulate traffic using mobile 4G proxies and specific software tools is the advantage needed to outrank the competition in the Local Maps but who don’t have the time needed to learn to do it themselves. 📍 Are sick of wasting time and money trying to figure out the correct recipe in terms of software and hardware needed to have Click-through rate (CTR) manipulation dominate the Google 3 pack with their business listing? Through thousands of dollars and countless hours testing this: CTR Geek’s mission is to improve your map rankings for you or your client's local business… And save you from having to waste time, money, and frustration of trying keep up with all the Google Updates that have some solutions working one day and then not working the next. 📈 The Results See examples of results that have been achieved that speak for themselves. (See images on this page) After working with hundreds of local GMB's we can confidently achieve extremely fascinating results regardless of the niche and location. Please do keep in mind CTR is not a magic pill and works in combination with a solid SEO foundation. If you are unsure if your SEO foundation is on point, feel free to book a consultation and I can tell you if your foundation needs work before ordering this CTR service. We can also help you with foundation work if needed. Looking forward to seeing you finally get the local rankings you have been looking for. ⚠️ Please Note: This works best on GMB's showing the address. SAB's Service Area Businesses are harder to get results with but still possible. ⚠️ Important: Please note that you will see abnormal spikes in your Google Search Console and Google my business insights. This is natural and part of the process. If you or your client are not ok with this, we can’t proceed. You NEED to get permission from your client BEFORE doing this." Michael A. Merlino Founder of CTR Geeks
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