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Anyone can build citations. We make them count. Every listing created will be fully optimised with images, social profiles, content, detailed business info, and branded accordingly. Accompaning the delivery report is a video going over what was done, why it was done, and potential next steps in your Local SEO journey. ---------- 🟪 What are Local Business Citations? Citations from local business directories are the foundation of local SEO. We make sure you are listed in the BEST directories avaiable online for your business. These include but are not limited to: - Yelp - Yahoo Local ✨ - Bing Places ✨ - Foursquare - Brownbook - Cyclex And many other top premium websites. 🟪 Full Existing Citations Audit Consistency is the most crucial component of any Local SEO strategy, which is why each campaign begins with a thorough assessment of your current business listings. We start by assessing if your company's name, address, and phone number are consistent online. Without this important step, you would be wasting your money. Every campaign goes through this thorough, time-consuming procedure. In order to prevent any repetition of work, we gather and label all existing citations. In the end, a thorough report is produced, along with a video going over what was done, why it was done, and further steps to improve your local SEO strategy. 🟪 Local Citations Building From The Top Places Online Our local business citations are design to be the best available. - Clear Reporting: Professional, detailed reporting that is transparent ✨ (video overview included!) - The listings, login details, and anything else we build belongs to you - Scan the internet for already built citations to avoid duplicates - Consistent business info accross the whole internet - Strong, worthwhile citations demonstrate to Google your business is an authority - Ties in perfectly with any local seo link building strategy 🟪 How does the perfect citation look like? - Logo professionally uploaded to the listing - Business name, address and phone number - Business hours and other contact info (i.e. email - Business description - Location Map Pin (when available) - Link back to your site (back linking from citations helps with rankings) - Social Media Profiles Linked (gives them social relevancy) - Properly branded You can create these on your own but it's a very manual and time consuming process. Take advantage of Vettted Essentials and have a team of experts do it for you. 🟪 Why citations matter? You’re letting Google know who your business is. By listing your business on multiple authoritative local directories, with a properly optimised listing (i.e. logo, social medias, business description, hours, contact info etc..), Google will start seeing your business as an authoritative entity. Think of local business citation listings as little signals you give Google so it knows who your business is, where its located and what it does. 🟪 Will citations alone rank my site? Absolutely not. Citations are a small part of local SEO and even though they’re essential, they’re simply a part of a larger concept that is Local SEO. Citations are meant to build trust in Google’s eyes by getting your business listed on multiple online “places” or so called directories. These not only work in tandom with a local link-building SEO strategy but also give notoriety to your business. 🟪 What are the next steps? You can create these on your own but it's a very manual and time consuming process. Take advantage of Vettted Essentials and have a team of experts do it for you.
How it Works
You send us your business information
A scan is made to find out if there are any existing citations
We build and optimise new citations one by one
  • Complete report for all the citations created. Includes links, login details, additional info, and a scan of already built citations
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