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Google News Approved Websites - High Potential - #1 Rankings Within Weeks In ANY Niche! Hi Everyone! Chad Here... creator of the head in the clouds SEO linkbuilding course and founder of HITCloud software. Are you tired of slow and low-quality PBN providers? Want to go to a whole new level... Like, Oh, Damn... this is awesome!! type of level? Today I am officially launching my   “Google News Approved PBN Cloud Websites” for sale! You already know how powerful PBN's are... You already know how powerful Google News is... So why not put those 2 amazing things together and treat yo'self to one of my PREMIUM GOOGLE NEWS APPROVED PBN DOMAINS today! Safe, High Authority, Google News Approved, Niche Specific backlinks that get RESULTS, Fast! Every single domain on our Network of hundreds of thousands of Google News sites has a Minimum domain Authority of 50 and our AVERAGE domain Authority across our google news network is 90! We are talking about high-power, beautifully crafted, Niche specific Google News websites! With embeds, media, highly researched long-form content, and do follow backlinks from domains that your competitors just cannot beat! These backlinks rank websites and move properties up the SERPs - FAST. We pay great attention to the quality and detail of our content, our website design, and our links; we have thousands upon thousands of high-power, niche-specific Google News domains... and we aim to become your number one backlink source that you return to over and over again.   Every single one of my premium google news approved domains and auto websites is created by me, personally, every. single. one.  And these are NOT STATIC CLOUD SITES... all of your sites come equipped with real and active blogs and blog management publisher software access... so that you can keep building high quality, niche relevant links for you and your clients over and over again, forever. Let's face it when it comes to SEO... Getting quality premium PBN websites really fast is a pain... Building beautiful, quality, and unique auto content websites at scale is a pain... Getting approved for google news is an even BIGGER pain... So today I would like to solve those problems and take away your pain... ok? I would like to propose an alternative scenario for you... How about you sit back, place your order, and have your beautiful and easy-to-use Google News Approved website ready to go in 72 hours or less?   A site you can do any of the following with:   Add these sites to your existing PBN's Sell these sites to eager clients for a markup finally START building your PBN... with google news approved premium websites, (not a bad start to a successful PBN career) Sell press releases from your sites, REMEMBER... these are google news approved sites! Create a Golden Keyword content campaign and start generating loads of passive traffic from Google in just a few weeks! RANK GMB's really quickly and easily with the power of Google News NAP citations... WOW your local clients! And so much more!   The potential with these sites is endless! Stop waiting around for inferior and slow PBN providers, do your PBN right, the first time, with my premium Google news approved PBN auto sites! I can promise you this... I will deliver beautiful ready to go google news approved websites to your hosting account per your order... and if you need ANY help whatsoever when it comes to utilizing or maximizing on your google news approved website(s), then I will offer you lifetime customer support, with FAST response times and a willingness to help you become as successful as possible with the google news approved websites you purchase from me! If you have any questions then feel free to PM me I will reply ASAP! If you are ready to get your google News approved PBN website right now, then click on that buy button and give me a shout! If you would still like to learn a bit more before purchasing then keep reading for more info on why this service is THE PBN service that's right for you! What is Google News? I’m sure that you have seen results from Google News when performing searches in Google. Actually, Google shows results from its different indexes (from videos to images) for users’ queries. One of these indexes is Google News. By having a Google News approved website(s), you will have THE BEST chance for getting your content and your client's content ranked on the first page of SERPs. That’s not all, you will often be ranked first for long-tail keywords and less competitive niches immediately because Google usually shows results from Google News higher than other results.   So what’s the potential with these google News PBN sites? It’s unlimited. Many giant publishers are dependent on the traffic coming from Google News. Google News sites are capable of receiving thousands of unique visitors per day from highly targeted keywords. By publishing more articles you will be able to receive more traffic, which means more revenue in the end.   What about SEO? We know that it costs a lot to get a website ranked for a competitive keyword. After buying this website, you can save on almost all traditional SEO costs. Google will automatically rank your articles higher than other results. What’s more, if you write articles, other blogs and people will link back to your article. So you will receive hundreds of high-quality backlinks from other real websites without paying a penny, and the more content you publish the more links these types of sites will automatically generate for you every month - DO NOT underestimate the links you can get from organic sharing and regular content posting... you will get links that MONEY CAN"T BUY from just publishing quality content to your site(s) regularly.   What Are The Sites Built With? All of our google news approved PBN websites are built using High Authority Cloud Site Platforms, which means INSTANT HIGH METRICS, INSTANT INDEXING, INSTANT LONG TAIL KEYWORD TRAFFIC, INSTANT and MASSIVE RANKINGS, and BULLET PROOF, UNBREAKABLE links that are impervious to spam! Add these links to your arsenal for you and your clients! Start getting in on the amazing and FAST rankings we are getting for our clients all over the world. How much are the current monthly expenses of owning a Google News approved PBN site? It’s nothing more than the hosting price - about 4 dollars a month with NameCheap ( Our current Provider Of Choice) However, you need to publish articles in order to make money. As mentioned earlier, more articles will drive more traffic and consequently, you will make more money in the end, BUT... we have taken care of this for you by setting up an automatic news feed program on your site, if you never touch it again it will continue to produce fresh, quality content day in and day out - all this is completely hands-free and at no additional charge to you! Finally, you will find that all investments you put into this kind of website have positive ROI and they are as risk-free as possible in the SEO game. I have included auto AI content creation and blog management options, to provide my customers with the best done for you Google News approved PBN sites around - I simply refuse to leave my customers hanging with low quality, difficult to use, or nulled plugins or software on their news sites... when you purchase these google news approved PBN sites from me, what you get is ALL QUALITY, ALL THE TIME!   What’s are the niche of these websites? I can build Google News Approved websites in ANY niche at all! It’s good to know that this website includes categories from sports to politics and celebrities and pretty much everything in between. most Importantly - These sites were approved in Google News as is... Nowadays, it's really very hard to get a general news website listed in Google News. With these sites, you can write and publish articles in almost any niche imaginable. It is incredibly easy to add niches and sub-niches to these google news PBN sites, and then you just add the new category to your google news publisher account and within hours your new category and content will start appearing on Google News!
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