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✈️ What is the LP Landing Page? ✔️ Landing page is a singular web page specifically created for a single purpose. ✔️ It's a web page with no vanishing points, no external links, minimal distractions, and that presents a single offer. This way you eliminate all kinds of distractions that could cause the visitor not to pay full attention to your offer. ✔️ Specifically structured to generate conversions. The higher the level of attention, the better you can guide the audience to the desired action. ✔️ It is the place where a visitor is redirected after clicking on a link present in an email or ad, with the intention of turning that visitor into a lead by collecting contact information for future communication. ✔️ These are pages that minimize traction for more informed decision making, mostly due to their simple, single-focus structure. What's Included: 🗸 Meeting to align the page's objective 🗸 Wordpress development 🗸 Image treatment if necessary 🗸 Design according to your busines branding 🗸 Landig page content as needed: embeded videos, list of services, Faq section, testimonials... 🗸 Optimized page for mobile and desktop 🗸 One customer revision 🗸 Delivery of all admin access after delivery What's not Included: - Copy (I can quote if necessary) - Domain and hosting (I can quote if necessary) Before you order, please contact me to see if we fit together [email protected] Let's grow your business together! Cláudia
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Meeting to align the page's objective
Landing Page creation
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