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4x more traffic in 5 months for a B2B Shopify App

Eastwood is a US-based ecom brand that invested in SEO as their main marketing strategy. This resulted in an increase in $700.000,00 in sales in just 6 months.

$700k increase in sales, in 6 months with SEO.

Eastwood is a US-based ecom brand that invested in SEO as their main marketing strategy. This resulted in an increase in $700.000,00 in sales in just 6 months.

$100M tracked in organic sales for Vessis's ecommerce show brand in 5 years.

Vessi, a Vancuver based ecommerce brand utilized SEO as their main growth stratey since day one. For 5 years organic serch traffic drove $100M in trackable oragnic sales.

From 3k/mo to 14k/mo for a client in the Real Estate niche

Bart, one of Vettted's SEO experts was able to build and scale an affiliate site to $400k in commissions. This was all acheived through organic search positioning.

$10m+ ARR and 10k signups by ranking for high traffic keywords

Jacky, one of Vettted's SEO experts was able to build and scale an affiliate site to $400k in commissions. This was all acheived through organic search positioning.

1M+ driven in organic search traffic for a mobile app

This SEO strategy resulted in a 137% improved conversion rate. In the 12 month period that the strategy was implemented it drove 1M+ in organic traffic via link building.

From 20 million to 51 million in monthly search traffic for an
Asian Sports News Network

A compilation of three, for three unique brands, in three unique niches. The implementation of an SEO strategy into these brands resulted in a massive increase in sales.

$5M in organic tracked sales through organic traffic

$5M in tracked sales, and a 15x increase in branded search. These were the business impacts from developing and implementing a tailored SEO strategy for this brand.

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While the SEO expert is implementing the strategy, your site slowly climb up the Google rankings. This means you'll be getting more exposure, which translates in more leads for your pipeline, which translates in your business making more money.
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Veteran SEO experts with results to back it up.

Aaron G.

Bart M.

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Liam R.

30+ Experts

0 to 22,000/mo Organic Traffic

"Since the work started in December of 2021 the results have been clear.

There was a massive increase in both monthly organic traffic as well as the number or organic keyword rankings."

The total organic keyword rankings increased from 14,880 to 33,823 as seen by the screenshot below.

101% Increase in Revenue for Ecommerce Brand

"From the work carried out since January 1st of 2021 to September 1st 2021, the results are clear."
A 144% growth in total organic keyword rankings, a 47% increase in organic sessions, and organic revenue up 101% (year on year).

300% Organic Traffic Increase

"The results are clear. In just 10 months the traffic went form nearly 0 to almost 300 per month.

For a new ecommerce store and in such a short period of time these are great results."

This skincare and clothing company launched its site in October 2021 and the SEO efforts started in February 2022.

$10M ARR from 10k new user sign ups

High rankings in high traffic “entrepreneurial” keywords, which resulted in 10k+ signups and $10m+ ARR.

1000+ Backlinks Generated that had a direct correlation between backlinks built and organic traffic growth.

A 680%+ increase in organic visibility, and the total ranked keywords increased nearly 7 fold.

$35,000 in revenue through organic search

Valheim Server Hosting (VSH) is a new hosting platform for the popular Viking-themed survival game that decided to try out our services.

In less than five months, Julian helped Valheim Server Hosting appear on the first page of Google Search for very lucrative queries and earn more than $35,000 in revenue.

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Pre-vetted talent

Utilizing our expertise in vetting, we can enhance your online accomplishments by providing a diverse array of services from an SEO specialist who has been thoroughly vetted.

The top 2% of experts

You can be assured that you are recruiting the finest 2% of SEO professionals globally. Our specialists are English-speaking experts who have a deep understanding of their craft.

100% result-guarantee

We guarantee new inbound traffic from organic search in 3 months or we give you your money back. No questions asked.

How talent is vettted

Personality, language, reputation

The first step in the screening process is a comprehensive English language and communication evaluation. Personality traits are also assessed - we look for experts who are passionate and fully engaged in their work. A reputation check is also carried out.

Branding and Professionalism

We value branding and professionalism as much as we value skills and transparency. We strive to onboard experts that understand that there is value in the details. There is an assessment of the expert's personal branding capabilities and how they carry themselves.

Video Screening

Every expert is required to submit a 1-minute video presentation. This allows us to further funnel down our freelance-talent pool and provide you with a transparent network of SEO experts who are willing to go the extra mile.

In-Depth SEO Skill Review

Can you walk the walk or talk the talk? We vet the talent based on results they’ve been able to achieve in past projects. Every expert is required to submit previous projects they worked on for internal analysis.

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