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Want to grow fast? Get found in your area or industry with Google Ads campaigns. I get it—there are countless digital marketing freelancers out there vying for your attention. And I understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right partner to make your paid ad campaigns shine. Why choose me? I have gathered at my 27 years of age already more than 5 years experience in not only SEA, but all paid advertising platforms, which makes it easy for me to implement insights from other paid platforms to Google Ads. When working with me, you can expect this: - pure honesty - growth: in awareness, traffic and conversions - clear communication and easy collaboration - improvements & optimisations - knowledge sharing: I share my tips and tricks I learned from top-tier marketers - business intel thinker, I think with you if you have a business conundrum - insightful monthly reports I offer a fixed price of $1600 per month for campaign setup and optimisations. First month is $2150 to cover setup costs if you don't have any account yet. After that it's $1600 per month. Initially, you can opt for Google Tag Manager and GA4 implementation as well if you don't have that already.
How it Works
Discovery Call
Account Structuring & Strategy
Campaign Mapping
Keyword Research
Ad Copy
Monitoring & Optimisation
  • Campaign Overview
  • Strategy & Budgetting Advice
  • Ad Copy
  • Keyword list
  • Conversion Implementation
  • Positive ROI
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Samples

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