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Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and convert traffic into customers. Without it, there are very limited ways for your target customers to find you online. Now, you can become the thought leader in your market. As an experienced marketing expert, I understand the importance of enhancing inbound traffic through blogging to get more website visitors and more sales! I am comfortable writing on any topic for your website. I can guarantee that my articles will be delivered well-structured and fully optimized for search engines. Take a look at my portfolio here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1p7p9oVYG3IgfSCUaWs9CMdgn8LwfrGjO?usp=sharing With this service, I can guarantee the following: - Keyword-dense copy with a minimum of three keywords included - Proofreading and editing - Concise and compelling copy - On-point tone of voice - Unique content – we're allergic to generic copy here. I am a professionally trained copywriter, editor, and digital marketing expert with over 6 years of experience – working with brands like Under Armour, Nike, Parker Dewey, Menser Real Estate Group, and Back to Basics Learning Dynamics. I understand the power of words in content marketing – and I want to help you!
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Message me if you need to discuss your content needs more thoroughly vs. ordering a package right away. We can discuss blog topics, keywords you'd like, or anything else you make has a question about, and I'll be happy to assist you!
If you're confident in your content needs, feel free to order a package that best fits your project demands.

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Gus Zuchini

I am an SEO marketing specialist, project manager, and professional business consultant. DM me for business inquiries! | Miami, US


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