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😓 Are you too exhausted from trying to do everything and don't have time to enjoy working on your business ? 👉🏼 What about social media ? 👉🏼 Are you posting engaging content with consistency ? 👉🏼 Are you engaging with you community enough ? 🥳 What if I could help you with your social media ? Will it lift a weight off of your shoulder ? If the answer is YES then you need me ! 〰️ I will: 🧡 Call you (using Google meet) to understand your goals, your business, your persona and your needs 🧡 Create content in line with your values and pillars (Up to 15post/month) 🧡 Post consistently 🧡 Engage with you community to make it more human Don't hesitate to contact me for more information 😊
How it Works
We'll program a discovery call
We'll discuss about your business, your goals, your needs
I'll create content / post & engage with your community

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Elise Wysocki

Social Media Manager for Wedding Services Providers | Fafe, PT


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