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FREE DRIP-FEED OPTION NO NEED TO PAY EXTRA GET HIGH AUTHORITY STICKY HOMEPAGE PBN LINKS WELCOME TO THE MOST POWERFUL PBN LINK-BUILDING SERVICE ON VETTTED.COM Are you looking for sticky PBN backlinks that Deliver Improvements in SERPs Ranking? Then look no further! We provide High Authority Sticky Homepage PBN Backlinks that can effectively boost the search engine ranking of any website. How do we do it? We have more than 100 domains with TLDs .com, .org, .net. All domains are High PR4 to PR1 with High PA/DA/CF/TF. These backlinks will improve your website's ranking. We guarantee it! We have been on freelancing marketplaces since 2015. We have delivered 1000s of orders with results. We dominate this PBN game with over 1000s reviews by delivering results to our customers. You can order with confidence! Here's what you'll get 1. Sticky homepage PBN links to your URL with a keyword of your choice. 2. Free relevant images and 500 words article: Copyscape passed, unique and human-readable(no spun). 3. Each article will contain 1 keyword linking to your URL. 4. All links are DO FOLLOW and permanent. 5. 100% Unique IPs and domains are hosted on different A, B, and C class IPs. 6. Low OBL - maximum 10-20 OBL on each blog. 7. Every blog has a distinctive CMS - mostly WordPress. 8. No interlinking of sites/blogs to one another. 9. The clean neighborhood of your links because we do not accept gambling, adult, and drug materials. 10. No ads or affiliate links or footprint - you will get maximum benefits for every click 11. Comments are closed - no spamming at all 12. All domains have unique WHO IS property. FAQ Q: How long do these links stay on the homepage? A: It depends on the package you are choosing. Check out the package details below. Q: Do you guarantee SERPs Improvement? A: We guarantee that you will see your site moving up SERPs. Q: Do you recommend using this service for new websites? or is it only safe for use on old sites? A: Our PBN links are 100% safe for newer sites too. You can use the free dripfeed option to make it more safest. In fact, the boost in SERPs is very natural using these PBN links on your new website. All links are 100% safe. Q: Are your PBN sites indexed on google? A: Yes, all our PBN sites are well indexed on Google. Q: How many URLs can I provide in one order? A: As many as the number of links you ordered, you can have different URLs or just one URL. Q: What is the average turnaround time? A: Turnaround time is 3 to 5 working days. Q: What is your refund policy? A: We will fully refund your money if we fail to deliver what we agreed. Q: Do you accept all niches? A: We accept all niches except gambling, illegal, adult porn, or drug related websites. Q: Do you accept foreign keywords? A: Yes we do, but the article will still be in English. Q: Do you provide the articles? A: Yes, we do. However, you can also submit your own articles. Q: Do you have discounts for bulk orders? A: Yes, we do, please contact us for that.

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